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Freelancer: What Tools Do You Need To Succeed?

Updated on October 6, 2012

Working for the internet is tough

Working for the internet is just as tough as working for a boss or a company, you need the best tools to succeed!

Microsoft Office is still the best office suit

You will need two things to succeed online: Email and Word.

Email is the primary mean of communication and without it, no one will ever be able to work online. Forget about Hotmail, it is just too slow and unreliable when it comes to handle hundreds of emails per day.

Outlook 2010 is super fast, secure, can be integrated with Winzip and desktop search and always has the best tools to help you manage the hundreds of emails you will get per day. With Outlook 2010 reading hundreds of emails in minutes is just as fast and as easy as reading 10 emails from Hotmail.

Keywords and words

Writing is the most profitable activity because if you earn just 10$ per article, if you write 10 articles per day, that's 100 articles in a day.

Keyword tools are very important and to learn how to make the most of them is a science and an art. Keywords are what search engines use to rank your article in the search results. Needless to say that you need a professional keyword tool to see what people are looking for when they use search engines and which keywords have the most advertisers to show expensive advertisements.

Writing articles is not easy, it requires time to research topics, it requires time to write perfectly and you really need the best word processor tool the money can buy. Of all word processing tools I used, Microsoft Word 2010 is the best. It can handle articles of any size, it has automatic correction and it can even save the articles in PDF, perfect to show samples and to publish as a book as easily as you can save a document in your hard disk,

The best computer your money can buy

I use the Acer 5742G because it is one of the fastest laptops your money can buy and because it has the best keyboard I have ever tried. Writing 100K words per day for blogs, forums, chats, etc, is just as easy as nothing you can image. The keys have the right size and placed in the right distance between each other.

I cannot recommend this computer enough. Imagine being able to write 100.000 words per day. How much is a word worth? That's right, if you have about 10 blogs for 10 different topics you can update all of them in one day, perfect for SEO, perfect to keep your readers interested and perfect to sell advertisements, books and services.

Acer is just the best laptop manufacturer.

Freelancing, at last a dream made possible

Working as a freelancer on the internet is the perfect way to have a side job just in case you are downsized or if your business stops making money.

Freelancing means that you have unlimited work on the internet available for you do to. If you are a really good professional you can make thousands per month like other freelancers work and the competition is less stiff than offline world competition and you have a lot more work to do.

Freelancing is perfect for everyone. People who already have a job and need to earn about 50$ more per day can do so by writing just 5 articles or by making a new template for a website or blog or just by making a new logo for a brand or company.

The possibilities are endless and it all depends on your talent and hard work.


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