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Final Curtain of Friendship (Take a Bow)

Updated on July 14, 2016

I wish to attain the wisdom to know how to find peace in my life,

To let go of all those who might bring me pain,

I wish to focus on all that’s right in my life,

And shut out all those whose friendships constantly waxes and wanes,

I wish to focus on the consistency of truth,

To blot all out who might bring darkness to my door,

I wish for the openness of ones heart to me,

And never punish me for not knowing what ones heart doth store,

My eyes are only meant to see so much,

Your mind is what lets me see inside,

If you want me to recognize the whole of you,

You must rise up your voice and swallow thy pride,

My vision as to how you feel may be blurred and hard to see,

I may not be the best at reading all the signs & hints you give to me,

I must rely on the clarity of our friendship that was once meant to be,

however, now a level of opaqueness has clouded our camaraderie,

I do my best, but I am human,

not God, not wizard, not sprite, but man

I cannot see into your soul,

But it doesn’t mean my heart does not wish it can,

I cherish all the good times had,

The laughter, the tears, the funny talks

However most relationships are fleeting,

And ours has sadly run its course,

I will always remember you my chum,

And thank God you came into my life,

I wish you all the happiness in the world,

And may you always be free of strife,


So to bring peace to this brotherhood,

We must end this friendship here and now,

The final curtain is slowly descending,

So let’s end our friendship and take a bow.

Have you ever had to end a friendship in such a way as in this poem?

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© 2016 James


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    • profile image

      Surabhi Kaura 21 months ago

      A cute poem!