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Updated on September 10, 2011

Cold winds blow across the fjord tonight

An omen of all that is not right.

Frost giants taunt the gods with their breath of ice.

Thor in all his might can not stop the icy blow.

Odin in his wisdom sends forth the Vanic to soothe the beast.

Freyja with her charm and warmth of heart

Will melt their icy breath and warm their frozen hearts.

A goddess in all her glory, dressed in colors of spring

With her jewelry of gold shining, and emeralds too.

People of midgard pray to Odin and Thor alike

But 'twill be the goddess they owe their all to this night.

She is the one who conjures up the spells

To best the Frost Giants

And save the dwellers of the middle earth.

Freyja wakes the Dawn with a smile.

Midgard is warm and safe this day.

Odin, Thor, and the other gods raise a toast to her.

Without a drop of blood shed,

She vanquished the cold of death.

Spring began where she stepped

And flowers leapt to greet the sun.

She is victor over the Frost Giants.

©Maridax 1998-1999


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