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Friday Night 5

Updated on September 15, 2011
H.G. Wells playing a wargame with Toy Soldiers
H.G. Wells playing a wargame with Toy Soldiers | Source

Why its Friday night I realised

And it was with some surprise

Where has the week before it gone

For Friday it  to be us upon

So what did I do on Friday night

That I spent with my friend bright

Well Quiche it figured on the menu

With Camembert and crab meat too

Quite delicious it was and made by you

And well enjoyed by us two

Then a cup of tea and with it a chat

What did we talk of,  well this and that

You showed me Castles on a screen

Although I do not know what they mean

They fill the time for you my friend

As soldiers off to war you send

And so to bed to rest a while

Until another Friday makes me smile


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