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Friday Night 9

Updated on December 11, 2011

What did I do on Friday night

When I was away from my friend bright

In the town of Dubbo I did be

Why I even went out for tea

A welcome stop along the road

As I drove a van with a heavy load

Of boxes, bags and a chair you see

By mountain and plain they came with me

For in the Caldera they had been stored

Long enough for them to be bored

And so a trip they met with joy

As I drove the van like a new toy

My phone it chose then not to work

The contacts  it did its duty shirk

Gone to the heavens of mobile phones

Perhaps with fossils and old bones

For not to be found by man or girl

Although they both offered to give it a whirl

‘Sorry ‘they said, for they have gone

Is there some where you wrote them on?

Well yes and no, and perhaps you see

For in the phone is where I thought they would be

So an eventful Friday night

As I travelled back to my friend bright


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