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Friend or Foe

Updated on October 6, 2014

Heat sailed through our blood streams.

For the first time

This brotherhood like bond separated like continents.

Leaving our hearts filled with hatred.

Each slight whisper resulting into war.

Current thoughts are bare.

The strain of our veins

Balding of our knuckles.

Exhausted larynx,

To fatigue to be rational.

Now the mind and body feeling sore.

This love turned hatred.

Shall not be anymore.

Beyond the intrinsic value of our friendship.

Deep down we are born of the same blood.

Beginning to have repentance for what has been said.

Beginning to have remorse for what has been done.

We are God's sons.

That makes us equal to none.

You're not better than me.

In equivalence, I am not better than you.

Our friendship was once so tight it was believed to be inseparable.

Now the eclipse has finally dawned giving time for the sun.

My vision is no longer blinded

Realizing our brotherhood is now none.

At one point of time I thought all friendships go through animosity.

But also as a person I call my brother I perceived that you should have talked to me.

But if your journey manipulates you to believe you are a foe.

My prayer will never leave over pride.

May God stay by your side as you explore without me.

I do conclude that sometimes to have an alliance you must have war.

So if blood must shed from our knuckles to converse with peace,

This I accept and that it shall be.

I'm willing to sacrifice whatsoever there is to gain back what was.

So now it's time to end the rumors.

The buzz of are we friends or are we foes.

I'm exhausted from the speculations so let this antagonism be no more.

I believe in brotherhood until the end so are we

Friends or Foes?

NoV'eD the Novelist

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