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Friends and Other Lies

Updated on August 4, 2017
You know who I am, so let's cut this short
We used to be friends, we're not that anymore

We used to watch the stars shining in the night
All of them have fallen, making the world dark

Your memory hurts, I know that very well
Even if you think that I can't understand

I know that we're all humans, we all make mistakes
Consciously or not, the truth is same each way

It's useless to cry over milk which spilled
But what else when your only company is guilt

You act like you don't mind, like the fault is mine
Of course, precious friend, I crossed every line

For being there for you, even from the start
Didn't expect a knife stabbed right in my back

You gave me my lesson, I appreciate that a lot
Maybe God will forgive you, but for sure I won't

© 2017 solivagant


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    • solivagant profile image

      solivagant 3 months ago

      Thank you very much for your kind words :-)

    • LLugo profile image

      Lakeyia 3 months ago from USA

      Great article and awesome information. I love reading your articles and I write on different genres as well. I think that writing on a variety of topics is fun and can be very exciting. Hope you keep on writing and have fun with it as well. ❤

    • solivagant profile image

      solivagant 3 months ago

      Thank you :-)

    • GreatSword23 profile image

      GreatSword23 3 months ago from Belgium