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Florid Nature

Updated on August 29, 2014

We ought to allow a kid to run and be educated in the 'Lap of Nature' for 'Nature is the best teacher.' Hence, both play and study must form an integral part of a child's life each having its own lion's share everyday.

The moment a Child toddles,

A cumbersome pile of Books comes to him as troubles.

Setting aside odd Jobs and Play ,

Study becomes the habit of everyday.

Being unaware of Nature's bounty,

kids see films in plenty.

Shadowing the vision with thick curtains,

One carries heavy burdens.

Human Beings are themselves epitomizing,

The lifeless beauty of Art which is Hypnotizing.

Studies at School are important no doubt,

But we must pay respect to Nature's Voice that is extremely loud.

Study and Play ought to be juxtaposed,

With balance between the two that can easily be imposed.

Study in Nature's lap will shower upon us,

knowledge with pleasantness and petals of flowers lush.

Uniting Avocation and Vocation gives us exhilaration,

Money over flooded with Joy becomes our Possession.

The uncountable flowers present in our Hearts ought to Bloom,

To give us merriment in all its Room.


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