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Friendship a bond beyond worlds

Updated on October 12, 2016



Desperately trying to reduce the distance between him and the voice of his best friend frantically calling him for help, he ran and ran. Finally he was able to catch up to the voice of his friend only to see him drowning in a large pool of quicksand and he realized that he only reached there to see his best friend breathing his last.

Suddenly, he woke up, sitting upright with shock and horror, sweating badly and breathing raced. This was the third time that he had had this dream about his best friend. The dream in which he was running to some place behind the voice of his friend who was calling for his help and he used to reach there only to see him die every time.

Unknowingly, he clutched his friendship band, one of the two identical twins that they had bought last year, one for each of them and every time they would meet they would strike them together, producing a characteristic ‘clink’ every time the two metal bands collided.

He got up and washed his face thinking that the cold water running down on his face would help him get rid of the thoughts his mind was gripping so hardly onto. Anyways he got ready and went to meet his friend, the one he was just having a nightmare about and like everyday he was there at the right time. The moment they met they bought up their hands and ‘clink’ their bands together as they would call it, and the sound like every time was enough to cheer them up both.

“You look like you hit a train, had the same dream again”, he asked concerned coming down on his voice.

“Yeah, I just keep seeing you die over and over again and there is nothing I can do to stop it” He replied almost breaking down.

His friend lightly tapped his back and said,” Don’t worry I am not going to leave you so soon, so don’t get your hopes up and don’t you know our friendship is the one that would last forever.” His friend added, he could remember the first time he told him about his dream and he had laughed a lot at first and then got serious all of a sudden and had hugged him tight and whispered,” Our bond is the one that would go beyond this world.”

After seeing his friend safe and sound, he could finally calm himself and relax sufficiently to enjoy the remaining part of the day with him and then go home and pack for the trip tomorrow, one in which they would journey high up in the mountains and spend a few days there, all along with camp fire, mountain trekking, stories, dance and a treasure hunt of good memories, it was going to be a great trip.

That night only, it was pretty late and he was just about to go to bed and suddenly his phone rang, it was his best friend calling.

He was pretty upset that he has lost his band, most probably during playing some football or something else. He convinced his friend pretty neatly saying that it was just a band they could always get another one, it was no reason for him to get upset, that they could always get another ones. With that he hung up, planning to meet tomorrow on the school bus that was going to take them to the trip.

Next morning came and he woke up with a serious fever and realized that he would not be able to make it to the trip, so he called his friend saying that he wont be able to make it to the trip as he suddenly had some work he had to do, lying, because he didn’t want his best friend to worry so that he could go on that trip and enjoy.

The next two days were very hard on him, he needed rest, but couldn’t get it as he was haunted by this nightmare and he just was not able keep the worries out of his mind. The third day when they were to return from the trip, the bus was pretty late and that had everyone worry, when after 4 hours of non stop waiting the bus finally arrived, seeing the bus the heart of everyone present there sank, the bus was in no condition it should have been, it looked like the bus has just been in a huge accident.

On inquiry, what he found was something he just couldn’t believe. The bus had indeed met an accident and many of the students were badly injured and admitted in a nearby hospital, one of the student was no more and hearing the name of that student he just couldn’t keep his tears from flowing, it was his friend’s name, his friend, his brother was no more and he just couldn’t believe what he was hearing, there was no way this could have happened.

It only seemed like yesterday, when they were little kids and he was standing up to the bullies to protect him, that when they grew up how he used to scold him to study when he did not, how he use to motivate him when he was feeling down, it all seemed like it was just yesterday when pushed him hard towards his goals in life towards his talents and hobbies.

The years they spent together growing up now seemed too short of a time to get over like this in blink of an eye. Life can’t be that cruel to him, life just couldn’t first take away his parents, leaving behind an abusive brother and now take away his best friend one that he really loved as a brother.

Next day was his funeral and he did go there as it was the last time he would see his friend and he wanted to say his good bye to him. He waited till the ceremony was over and then when they finally buried him, he was right there, while his body was being lowered in to the ground. And when everyone had left, he alone sat there on the ground right next to his friend not wanting to leave his side.

When he finally was convinced that no one else was there, he let it all out, one loud long shriek of pain and then the tears poured down as rain, he wasn’t able to say anything so instead he had let his tears do the talking for him, all the things that needed to be said, all the questions that needed to answered were all asked by his tears, that how could he leave him alone in a place like this? Isn’t he going to get up and make him stop crying and then scold him later for being a cry baby? Isn’t he going to breathe ever again? Is he just going to stay there lying in the ground?

Many more things needed to be said, like just how much thankful he was for all that he had done for him, that how much he appreciated the love he had for him, that how much he loved him, that nothing in his life was ever going to be the same again, that no matter how much he begged, or cried no one would ever come to grant him his friend back, that he would have to live the rest of his life alone and that he could just never explain it in words that just how much is he going to miss him.

After hours and hours had passed he knew he had to go, and as he was trying to stand up from the ground, he put his hand down for support and heard a very familiar clink, one that had always cheered him up since last year, it was defiantly the clinck of the bands striking together, but how could it be? He removed his hand and undoubtedly on the ground laid the twin of the band on his hand, his friend’s band.

Then he heard a very familiar voice,” Hey! Who said that you could break our promise? We promised that we would clink when ever we met so how could you have left without it? And just how much longer are you planning to keep crying like a girl? Stop it already its embarrassing you know” it was the voice of his friend.

Then he whispered softly,” why do you cry my brother? Didn’t I tell you that our friendship is the one that would last forever and nothing could separate us? Stop crying already, because our bond is the one that would go beyond this world.”

And hearing his voice again saying all these things once again lead to a whole new set of tears and he sat back on the ground next to his friend now feeling the warm embrace of his brother surround him and he sat there and slowly and slowly his breathing slowed and finally stopped.

His last thoughts were,” You were right my brother, our bond is the one that would go beyond this world, let’s meet up someday in heaven.”


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