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Friendship and friends come and go

Updated on August 27, 2016

Like a ball, lost, in high weeds

When one loses a friend, what?

I lost a friend today,

But really it wasn't just today.

I probably lost him yesterday,

Or was it last week,

Or last month,

Or last year?

We were such great friends.


We both attended

The same little,



For colored children,

Grades one through eight.


Our university education

Took different pathways.

His pathway towards doctoral studies

Went through universities

I do not know.

As for my educational journey,

I studied at

Oakland university

At Rochester, Michigan,

And at

Michigan state university

(The college of human medicine),

And at

The George Washington university's

College of the Health Sciences

And medicine.

I ended my greatest struggle

Earning a graduate degree

In theological studies


Vanderbilt University's

The Divinity School.

A good friend

Is more valuable

Than all the education

In the world.

The friend I lost

Has a new wife.

She has a wonderful family.

The new wife

Is a young girl.

She can give him

More Joy

Than the friendship

Of an old man

Who used to be a great friend.

"I feel like

A lost ball

In high weeds."

I good friend is valuable.

Like Jesus said,

No greater love than this,

That a man lay down his Life

For a friend.

Friends may come and go,

But our God abides



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    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 17 months ago from United States

      I know the feeling my friend. Some acquaintances I had back in school will hardly speak to me now. I don't know why. Back then they were the best I could have. I guess it all depends on the times and individual needs in our lives. I regard anyone who has been a past friend as one forever. Thank you for your nice poetry. whonu