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Friendship between rich and poor

Updated on March 27, 2015

Great friends

I am earning sufficient with the reasonable
I am earning sufficient with the reasonable | Source

That is the main different between among

He is Ravi  

I am kavi

He is young

I am youth

He is rich

I is poor

He is not bad

I am good

His father factory owner

My father factory worker

His mother royal society chair man

My mother a sweeper in the office

He had an air condition car

I had old UN condition bicycle

He is in a bungalow

I am in a hut

He had more money

I had nil money

He is red color

Drinking his habit

With out drink he can not sleep

Books reading my hobby

Book is my hand friend

He is playing cards in the club

I am playing tennis in the evening

He walks in his garden in the morning

I am jagging in the school ground

He takes costly food it’s very tasty food

I have taking healthy food but no taste in the food

I am white chap

Design and color his dress

My dress white

He is earning more in wrong route

He wants much and more money

I am earning sufficient with the reasonable

I want earning in the limit

I had more friends

They are all good friends

He had Somaney friends

Those are all money friends

They are waits for free food and some money

But we are friends from the child hood

His house near in my house

His son studying in London

My son studying in this country

His son studying in costly collage

My studying in Government College

He is spending more money on that course

My son studying by government scholar ship

My character good

His character bad

That is the main different between among

That is one proud of me

I had one extra helping nature

Help means not only with money

It is great

I am happy in my live. It’s sweaty as sweet as honey


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