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Friendship's Test

Updated on November 14, 2012

Friendship - Proof in the Pudding

Don't go.

Please stay.

Although this call

For years you've longed

'Tis come,

That's good

For you I joy

But can't give all I should.

For you it's great

But what to do?

My heart doth shake.

You leave -

Go far away

To keep you here I have no sway

For deep inside I know

Undoubtedly, you must answer

You must go.

But how do I let go?

How to selfishness say, No?

Distances do strange things

Constantly tugging at friendship's strings.

Yet, here's my stance:

We weathered many storms

Laughed, loved, played, hurt, stood firm

This one hurdle will not break

This vault-preserved union

Our experiences do make.

So go!  You must!

To serve, to touch, to bless!

Reach for the stars -

Give them your best.

Miss you I will

But always will know -

What we share, what we have

Countless years cannot outgrow.


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