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From Hitler to ISIS

Updated on September 30, 2014
Hitler | Source

Hitler Emerges

When I was a child growing up in America a man named Adolph Hitler became prominent in Europe. He had a way of charming people; quite a talker he was. He authored a book, Mein Kampf (My Struggle). Actually, it's been said that he dictated his thoughts to Rudolf Hess when he was in prison awaiting trial for his participation in a Nazi Party beer hall dust up. At any rate, a publisher was found. The book came out in 1925 with a second volume in 1926. The first volume was an autobiographical chart of his life and the second book covered his plans for Germany in the future. My maternal grandfather told me that he had read the two volumes. From what he had to say, Hitler was a lunatic. Unfortunately, most people did not read the book and considered Hitler an inconsequential wannabe. In fact, people for the most part were still having nightmares following World War I to have any thoughts about being caught up in another fighting war.

Sir Winston Churchill

There was one man, though, who saw what Adolph Hitler was all about, probably read Mein Kampf, and knew exactly what was likely to happen. That man was Winston Churchill, a noted man, a legend one might say at the time, particularly during the 1930s when Hitler was getting ready to hit his stride, and Churchill had already won his place as a statesman and respected historian But nobody believed the scenario Churchill described. Even in 1938, the world blew off the taking back of Czechoslovakian lands by Germany as payback time. Then Hitler made a serious mistake by invading Poland. And then he made most of the entire world wake up when he warehoused and killed Jews, Christians, and everyone else the Nazis considered undesirables, not up to standard Aryans, who were considered superior to everyone else.


Concluding Thoughts

"Today, Germany; Tomorrow, the world," was Hitler's credo. Excepting for Churchill, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, King George VI,and the millions of military that never got a chance to come home, Hitler and his minions might have gotten their wish to destroy Western Civilization. Now, there are others like ISIS who want to kill Christians, Jews, and everyone else who will not submit to their demand to embrace their radical belief. Time grows short.


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