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Updated on July 15, 2015

Sitting in this empty room, the dark has crept it's way in. Shadows form on the wall as the light diminish.

I light a candle and placed it on the table. The flame dances like a ballerina in it's soft glow gently on top of the candle.

Do you see it? The flame that dances around in this darkened room?

The winds are now whistling outside and the rain is tapping at the window. Should I acknowledge it? Should I let in? Do I want it to wash away these memories?

The storm is raging outside and the sirens are sounding. The lightning is flashing and the thunder is roaring. Is this a battle being fought? Or is this a place in hell?

I close my eyes and cover my ears. The silence overtakes me. I fall victim to my own mind.

Here I sit in this empty room.


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