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From Nero To Zero...Thank God.

Updated on November 20, 2009


From Nero To Zero Thank God!
Lions seven, 
Christians nothing,
as the callous and bored,
lowered their plump thumbs 
on the next batch,
basking in the gore,
cheering the loud snaps as 
bone was crunched
and flesh was made
shredded fodder.

Then came 
the Gladiators,
armed and eager
to slay their opponents,
lest they be slain,
spears flung, 
swords clang,
chains trapping 
and crippling
the unfortunate ones,
who felt cold steel
divide the muscles 
of their trembling heart.

What manner of man
and woman as well,
found sport in death
and mayhem displayed
for sheer amusement?

Cowards in fine togas,
applauding the deaths
of women and children
from the vicious biting
of wild beasts,
and howling at the betrayal
of a brotherhood of warriors
pitted one against the other
to bring sick satisfaction
to the masses.

It is good that Rome fell,
they might have 
always ruled the world,
and we'd be ordering seats
for the next bloodbath
at Madison Square gardens
as Muslims of all ages
were fed to lions,
and returning war heroes
from the sands of Iraq,
and Afghanistan
blew each other away,
with machine gun precision,
for all to delight in.


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