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From Simplicity...Great Renderings.

Updated on March 15, 2011

From Simplicity, Great Renderings.

So simple a device,

the fingers pressed

as electronic buttons open

the wealth of beauty beneath,

or the hands that clasp

a pen scratch out hope

on the blank looks

that so many wear.

A pencil stencils thoughts

from head to paper

magic forms in

loops and swirls,

and blesses the souls

of all the world.

So many ways


to express


into press


words that are more


than just a guess


on the meanings


the gleanings of life.


Even ancient man was driven


to burn sticks


scratch stones


and blend pigments


on cave walls


to leave a legacy


of who and what they were


for all to see


in generations not yet



Poets carry a torch

for all that is

needed to be said,

lit by the

sparks of inspiration,

the heat of love,

the flames of wrath,

and the fires of

passion unquencehed.



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