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From Tate's Hell into the Valley of the Shadow of Death

Updated on July 17, 2012

Leaving a forest sanctuary to enter no man's land to save others

Having a meeting spot outside of the city  like Eagle's landing worked to save lives of more than one family!
Having a meeting spot outside of the city like Eagle's landing worked to save lives of more than one family! | Source
Fires still raged on the out skirts of Tallahassee!
Fires still raged on the out skirts of Tallahassee! | Source

Premonition of Urgency!

When I woke up, I felt troubled in my spirit, even in the tranquility of the hunting/survivor's camp at Tate's hell. Without saying a word to anyone, I grabbed a cup of coffee and went for a prayer walk to be alone with God to try to make sense of these feelings. I found a nice spot to sit and pray, and spoke with God about everything that I could imagine, as well as things that the Holy Spirit brought to mind.

I sensed that my son Matt was in trouble and prayed upon his well-being for quite awhile before I felt a release and peace about his situation. It's totally in God's hands, I trust him to bring about what's best for Matt and the rest of my family, while working these events for God's own glory, even if he chooses to take him home at this point in time. He may very well save him from further suffering. I headed back to camp to find Desperado, as we need to head into Tallahassee to rescue on Matt and the rest of my family from the horrors being done by the NWO.

"Slim, where in the hell have you been? I've got the truck outfitted and ready to go into T-town, even Sandy's ready to head in, imagine that." Desperado says with his usual sad grin.

"I'm ready to go, just had to pray about some things first. You know me, I like to get clearance from the Lord before I leap into the unknown. I think my son Matt may be in some kinda trouble. But God's gotta handle on it, even if I don't. Any scraps left from breakfast?"

"Look in that tin by the campfire. I'll go get Sandy and we can be on our way." Des. shot back at me, as he headed off to the other camp.

Once the three of us got to my stashed truck, I jumped in back under the topper, just in case we got stopped. I didn't want any police seeing me, now that I was a fugitive from the New World Order. Sandy was riding shotgun up front, to keep Desperado company while he drove us into Tallahassee taking every forest road he knew, in order to avoid the highways and police checkpoints.

FEMA Waystation

Matt woke up with the sound of a door opening, just in time to catch a hard punch that caught him right on the button sending him back into oblivion. When he came to again, his jaw felt like someone had ripped it off and just hung it back in place. He opened his eyes to see that his left hand was strapped down securely to a board in front of him, with all his fingers seperated and tied to nails, so he couldn't move them at all.

"I understand that you like to play guitar Matt. It's gonna be hard to do with these fingers." Dante's/Inferno said as he swung a three pound hammer down on my little finger.

A sheer lightning bolt of pain shot from my little finger up my arm and into my brain with such agony, that I screamed louder than I ever before. My shock at this act and the intensity of my own pain sent ripples of fear trembling through my legs. Before my first scream subsided, he swung again to crush my index finger with another devastating blow. My vision blurred with this next bolt of pain surging through my body and brain. I no longer recognized the screams as mine, they were primal screams of a creature that couldn't be human.

When the third blow came down onto my thumb, I choked from one scream colliding into another, without the breathe to start the next scream. I felt the pain numbing my brain and causing my eyes to roll back into my head. The sound of my own screams were completely foreign to me. I knew that I couldn't endure much more pain without going into shock and unconsciousness. He swung back and hit that same thumb again, everything went black.

I tried hard to jerk away from the noxious smell in my nostrils, but several whiffs of amyl-nitrate brought me back to my painful existence. My whole hand felt as if it had been crushed and was throbbing with every heart beat. I opened my eyes to see Dante's tatooed face smiling hideously at me. He caught my eye and turned to look at the drill motor with a quarter inch paddle bit that he held above my swollen-blue thumb.

He positioned the point of the bit in the center of my thumb and revved the drill and pushed it into my thumbnail. Just the pressure brought new screams of pain as he drilled into the thumbnail and sunk it into my finger bone. New painful bolts of electric shock shot through my arm and my brain bringing another terror filled round of screams.

Now the pain had sent my whole body into tremors, everything that wasn't strapped down trembling uncontrollably. I could no longer focus my eyes,when he hit my index finger again. I mercifully blacked out again with screams dying in my throat and ears. I had nightmares of being trapped in hell with relentless demon tormentors for eternity with my arms and head on fire.

JoJo was the dispatch girl at the Fema way station, and had been loyal to her job until this morning. She unlocked the door to Cassie's cell and took her to get Matt. She gave her the keys to her car, her money, and helped her carry Matt out to the car. Cassie looked perplexed as to why on earth JoJo wasn't leaving with them.

"Honey,before today, I didn't even believe in God. An angel of God appeared to me in the middle of the night to inform me that my time here was over. He said that Matt's dad was the reason that my husband and son are saved and going to heaven. He stated that I needed to repent of my sins and unbelief in Jesus Christ, so that I might be saved and see my family in heaven. That I should ignore all these evil rules of this NWO, and save Matt and you to fulfill things God has planned for you both. You need to get Matt out of here now, drive west on hwy. 20 until you see the sign for Luther Hall landing. Turn there and you will find Eagle's landing, both Matt and my family will be there waiting for you. Tell my husband and son that I truly love them, and I'll see them later. Go now, and don't worry about me, they aren't gonna have a chance to torture me. Go with God, Cassie, say hi to Matt when he wakes up." JoJo said with tears streaming down her face. She then turned and walked back up to the entrance and crumpled dead to the ground, blocking the door from opening out with her three hundred pound body.

Cassie wheeled the car around in the parking lot, and punched the gas. This was the old armory turned into a Fema way station for suspects to be interrogated. She hit the truck route and turned onto highway 20 going west, with only fifteen miles to go, maybe we will get there before those creeps know they've escaped.

Cassie thought about the things JoJo said, being astounded with all these amazing revelations. She didn't really even believe in God, or did she? How could that woman know these things, without some angel from God? Is this some kind of bizarre set up by the authorities? It couldn't be, how could she know where to meet Matt's family at Lake Talquin? Besides that, whatever happened with that whole pre-tribulation rapture thing from all the left behind books? It seems that the only ones disappearing are being killed by the beast.

When she got to the end of the road at the lake's boatramp, she quickly turned onto a forest road jumping a rotten log before coming to a stop. She would just wait here for Matt to come to before going back into the woods. She locked all the doors and thought again about JoJo's brave actions in setting them free, then going back to face their captors. Did she just collapse or did she die right there at the door? Cassie dozed off as she thought on these things.

When Cassie woke up, it was still too dark to see beyond the hood of the car. Matt was moaning loudly and turning fitfully. "Matt, wake up and take this." Cassie said as she gently shook him.

"What in the hell!" Matt exclaimed with a start, pulling away from her,before he realized that he was looking at his new friend Cassie.

"Here take thes pills JoJo gave me for you. Here's some water to get them down." Cassie said as she put the pills in his mouth and held the water to his mouth.

"Who's JoJo? Where are we at, and how did we get away from those evil SOBs?" Matt asked with fear in his voice.

"I'll tell you all that later. We better get going to find that Eagle's Landing."

"Eagle's landing, how did you know about that," Matt asked with suspicion in his voice?

"JoJo told me about Eagle's landing. She said an angel of God appeared to her and told her to let us go, and told her to tell me to come here." Cassie said with a shrug, as if to say, don't ask me. "I still don't really believe it either! Here's a flashlight, let's get going."

Just then, someone appeared behind the car and said sternly, "You folks lost out here!"

Matt whirled to see someone approaching, then a light shining on the face to reveal his dad. "Dad, I didn't think that I'd ever see you again! They crushed most of the fingers on my left hand, trying to find out where you were," Matt said choking up in between sobs.

Slim grabbed his son and hugged him strongly, kissing his cheeks before saying, "It'll be alright son, God will heal and restore the hand that the enemy tried to steal from you. Come on, let's get going to see if you mother and the grandkids made it here."

Cassie spoke up again to say, "JoJo said that your family and hers would both be here, said an angel told her that. I believe her as she was dispatch at that Fema station, before she cut us loose then went back to face her own death, I think. She also said that your dad was responsible for her husband and son being saved."

"I'm not sure who any of them are, but let's not waste her effort and sacrifice. We've got aways to hike through the woods still to get to camp."

After struggling to get through the woods by this rough trail, they could just see a small fire beyond some trees, when Slim yelled, "Incoming to camp! It's Slim, Matt and Cassie."

"Matt and Slim, com'on in! Oh, I thought that you would never come. Thank you, Lord, for bringing them back." Karen said while hugging and kissing them both. "They're a couple of fellas asleep in the small tent that say they know you from when you were going to the jail preaching. Dakota and Brit are both asleep in the big tent. Should I wake everyone up?" Karen asked anxiously.

"Nah, let them sleep, we have to wait for Desperado and Sandy. They went in to get medical and other supplies from her black market connections. I believe that this place is protected by God's hand covering it, but we should all pray for their protection for this trip. God already did a miracle saving you two from out of Satan's hand, these people are truly serving Satan. Is there somewhere that these two can sleep for while? They've been through a lot." I finished, as I dropped into a camp chair.

"Sure, you two come lay down in here. Are you in much pain?" Karen asked, as she led Matt and Cassie to her tent, directing them to sleep on her sleeping bag.

"Nah, I'm alright now. JoJo gave Cassie some painkillers for my hand. As much as I hate pills, I'm sure glad to have them right now. I need some sleep, I feel like I got hit by a Mack truck." Matt replied as he slumped down into the covers.

" Slim, are we going to survive this," Karen asked with obvious concern?

"Well, we're all going to die sooner or later. But God's not through with us yet, there are others that God's wants us to help escape from this time of hell, so that they might be saved for all eternity! Many are deceived by all that's happened. Many have been disillussioned by the lies of the pre-trib rapture, and are broken and unsure that any of the Bible is true. Many did themselves a disservice by not reading their Bibles to make sure that the truth was what they were hearing. God will still do many miracles and show his glory in the midst of the earth's darkest days. I'm gonna nod off for an hour or so, wake me up when the sun comes up. I love you, honey." I said with my eyes already closing.

"I love you too. Even though you are always a pain to be with," Karen said with a wink that I couldn't see. "Get some sleep, I'll get some breakfast cooked up for this crowd."

Persecution coming soon!


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    • slcockerham profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Tallahassee, Florida

      Hey Kenny, Thanks for your encouraging comments!

    • kennynext profile image


      6 years ago from Everywhere

      Great going, keep on writing

    • slcockerham profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Tallahassee, Florida

      Hey Mhatter99, thanks for your comments on this story. Sometimes fiction and reality crash.

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 

      6 years ago from San Francisco

      Thank you for sharing intriguing story with us

    • slcockerham profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Tallahassee, Florida

      Thanks Becky for your comments. Sorry for the dark moments, it's neceesary to tell the story.

    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 

      6 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      Another awesome installment of this grim story.


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