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From The Fluids Of Life Shining Brightly-(a Kaliedescope view of our world.)

Updated on October 17, 2009

From The Fluids Of Life, Shining Brightly

( a Kaliedescope view of the world.)




When God looks down
through the windows of heaven,
peeking through the blinds
of forgiveness granted to
all who ask his mercy
on their failings,
he sees tiny bits of
multi-colored flesh,
swirling in masses across
the wide orb he created,
that holds the many different
specks of life he so loves,
and in this ever turning
misty globe that sits
at the far end of a tunnel
leading direct to heaven,
he watches all of us,
as we sail about our lives
practicing free will,
some intermingling with others,
while others avoid the touch
of those not of their kind,
his massive hands kindly attempt
to turn all in the right direction,
but most go their own way,
in the miasma of life,
yet it is still beautiful to behold,
when one is the creator,
viewing his handiwork evolving,
revolving over centuries,
from primitive cave painting
style displays of color,
to the high resolutionm,
laser guided, technology,
all captured by mere humans
floating ideas across
the bubble of their world
This God observes,
sometimes with tears,
and often with smiles.
So remember to raise
your fleshy speck of color
and send a prayer,
of thanks for being in
the current design
that God has granted you.


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