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From my present point

Updated on August 27, 2012

These Images you see right now are not what you feel they are.Bet me i know what is in your mind.Of course, it is Rossi with his DOP but that is not just it. These images signifies a lot. Now let me tell you what you do not know.

It took me years of tears, laughter, struggle, grief, pain, endurance, patience, humble, isolation, dedication, determination, close to death, victory shouts to be able to stand near that camera. Believe me, it is did not just happen, i fought my way to stand there and somewhere along the line, it felt so impossible because every corner was dark and slippery, i reached for him but he was far and his face i could not see and i began to wonder what he feel about me and when i hear someone say God is good, i just shake my head and walk away. I stopped believing in him.


Why should my own life be filled with grief, pain, tears, isolation, close to death? Infact to rap them in one word.Misery.

I am not sure that he answers as they said but then, i kept faith and wore one garment, not Hugo Boss nor Varsache but PATIENCE. Yes! i wore this garment for years and irrespective of the pain i bore and the tears i could not hide at the sight of my peers,i was able to endure the state of isolation and at the near death encounter, my determination to excel propelled me and i scaled over, believe me it was at this point that i recalled back.

I recalled every thing about me and landed on the point that God is good, yes he is and i began believing him once again.

Anyway, at this point, with experiences filled with disappointments, i came to understand that, no one will do it for me so i knelt down and asked him just for one thing.

"O lord show me the way and i shall sin no more"

You see, i don't know what is going on in your life right now, whatever your pain is, believe me, you can wear it out.

Whatever the situation might be, believe me, he knows your plight. Therefore, ask and it shall be given unto you.

But wait ooo; God did not come down from Heaven to show me the way instead, he allowed me pass through a bundle of difficulties and these period were the best time/moments of my life because, it was the day i woke up and there was no food that triggered my determination to excel in life so i gave out my best with humility determination and honesty and gradually, all my tears began to dry, all my pain began to disappear and from the point i was standing at this moment, i was able to stretch my neck and was surprise at the length it reached (More than that of an ostrich). Believe me, i was able to see the end of the tunnel and guess you what?

A friend of mine Ezekiel the guy on the bicycle above also was able to see the tunnel but from the point where he was, he could see just the beginning of the tunnel,and it was filled with snakes according to him but in my own case.Thank you Jesus.I didn't know when i passed the beginning and probably trembled upon the snakes underfoot.


There is light at the end of every tunnel my dear and also there is a Bag of Love.

Watch out for this Film, believe me, this is no Nollywood, Gallywood, Bollywood or Hollywood, it is simply a contemporary inspirational story to guide you as you journey in your life

Written and Directed by
Chibuzo Melvin Mobis



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