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From the Seed

Updated on August 6, 2011

From the Seed

By Tony DeLorger

In a distant past when souls were young,

and earth a caldron of life begun,

potential sought a path to run,

humanity the seed of good.

With open eyes and shallow fears,

we forged a life with labour and tears,

fought to survive our progeny dear,

to carry on our bequest.

Into the world with minds alive,

we created worlds of our design,

relinquished hold on peace resign,

to fight and own it all.

We disregard our mother‘s word,

and plunder life to lengths absurd,

obstructing justice balance heard,

our arrogant stand so sad.

With our fragile earth now wanning,

our selfish gain betraying,

our wars and destruction paying,

the price of ill-intent.

From souls so rich with potential,

we’ve trashed our home like a rental,

betrayed our hopes essential,

and ravaged ourselves as result.

Our souls once pure and open,

have hardened and closed up to loving

one another and not just a self-thing,

commitment a cause of the loss.

I pray that sense will prevail,

before our demise from betrayal,

destroys what we have and derails,

the promise that humanity holds.

In love we can find our compassion,

to live with love and a passion,

for what has afforded our life,

without our contention and strife.

The will of the universe waits,

for us to surrender our hate,

and search out connection relate,

a peaceful end is possible.


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