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From your eyes onto paper

Updated on July 31, 2014

It's felt...

I stumbled upon this topic of writing when searching for my next hub. The topic read "how to write poetry" as well as "how to write" and it arose so many topics and ideas within this head. However, because it's poetry, I'm going to stick with the other topic of "just writing" from a creative writing point of view.

To begin, I fear that there are many marching aunts of this world walking around with their tails between their legs, feeling as though they are writing wrong. That their style has quite possibly, butted heads with someone along their life's journey who told them that they were incorrectly using lines upon those fragile pages or maybe even that their wording was wrong. In which cause, I hope to throw those broken ideas out the window and restore faith in the truth about writing in hopes that those pens will still be held within those hands, and placed upon those crumbled pages once again.

So, here it is, the whole truth to writing poetry and to writing creatively... there is NO wrong, nor right way to write. Throw the lines out, the idea of needing to have correct wording to the wind, and embrace that THAT is what makes it poetry. Its a love letter written on a napkin. It's a thought you just couldn't keep within your head, because it was just to beautiful that you wrote it on the back of some no names business card that you found in your wallet one day because it was the first blank space that you stumbled upon. It's embracing that these simple things are creative, they are art, and it comes in many forms.

Writing, for the most part, begins with an image most of the time though. Sometimes, it's what you see right before your very eyes. It's nature, it's family, it's another family, it's human interaction, the grace of owning a pet that loves you unconditionally. It's struggles, it's strife, or its a reoccurring image within your mind. It's an emotion, but most importantly... it is something that is felt within you.

Writing is a trigger deep down within yourself that forces you to react to this crazy world that we all live in. It brews within your heart, your soul, and it meditates and marinates there for a moment. Until, eventually these emotions turn into words that circle and circle around your head so much that with a pen in your hand, you place it upon that sheet of paper, or that napkin that you grabbed, or that business card, the very first thing that you can find.... and you just explode those words of beautiful passion out into written form.

The most beautiful part about it... is that it could never be wrong. Because you felt it and then you set it free. Weather it is shared among others, or just an intimate moment all for you... there is no right or wrong way to write. You just have to pick up that pen, and begin your minds journey into freeing yourself.

The poetry is you

It is felt, it is written, it is set free, and then it is born.
It is felt, it is written, it is set free, and then it is born. | Source


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    • Bridie H profile image

      Bridget Houcek 3 years ago from Santa Clara CA

      Thank you so much for your always, on going support Mom :)

    • profile image

      Mom 3 years ago

      I think your amazing and I rejoice that your voice is finally on paper I love you very much!

    • profile image

      gerald 3 years ago

      I like it!

    • profile image

      Jamie 3 years ago


    • Bridie H profile image

      Bridget Houcek 3 years ago from Santa Clara CA

      Thank you Sunflower

    • profile image

      Sunflower ;) 3 years ago

      Nice and well put!