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Frozen Heart

Updated on December 28, 2017

Who looks out of your eyes,

sometimes I don't know,

why do you act surprised,

when the cold winds blow,

standing under a shadow,

taunting the icy breeze,

comments you say are shallow,

touch my heart and freeze,

spellbound by your beauty,

the crevices run cold,

your lips look red and fruity,

promises untold,

I whisper across the the empty void,

to which you don't reply,

tears of salt are frozen,

in the corner of your eye,

my limbs are becoming weightless,

as the freeze begins to bite,

a frozen heart that's faceless,

stares into the night,

I'm standing there so humble,

while you throw away my love,

broken hearts just crumble,

and fit you like a glove,

eyes so bright they smite me,

as the deluge begins to fall,

arms of love now fight me,

and pin me to the wall,

your laughter turns to echoes,

as you slowly move away,

words scurry like geckos,

there's nothing left to say.


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