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Frozen With Time- A poem by wife Pt. 2

Updated on June 19, 2013

Title: Frozen Time

Like a tasteless sip of a dry champagne

I remember your eyes but what was your name?

I met you there; a divergent sky above

The bridge we froze in time with love

My fingers freezing I reached for yours as you smiled at me and pulled me close

We broke all the ice on this freezing night

And the stars in the sky had never seemed so bright

Going back and forth sharing childish jokes

Dangling our feet at the traffic above a busy road

Two hours have passed and I just don't want to go

The look in your eyes so entrancing to mine

As the warmth from our breaths laced together like twine

Though our lips never met on this cold winter road

Our eyes locked a story that I felt needed to be told...


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    • bizarrett81 profile image

      bizarrett81 4 years ago from Maine

      Ah, those beautiful feelings of falling in love. What a wonderful poet your wife is. I hope she continues. Voted up and beautiful! You might want to reload your picture, however, it does not show up, at least on my end = )