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Fruitcake Toss Day Writing Prompt

Updated on September 17, 2017
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Rebecca Graf is a seasoned writer with nearly a decade of experience and degrees in accounting, history, and creative writing.

January 3rd is Fruitcake Toss Day. I’m trying to decide if this is for us to literally toss the fruitcake away. But no matter what, you can find some great story ideas from this day that can give you a new short story or full size novel.

How to Use a Writing Prompt

Many people use writing prompts to create stories. Teachers use them to encourage students in creative writing. Writers use them to get through writer's block or to start a new story.

What you will find here are writing prompts based off a special holiday. They are sorted by genre to help you find the one you want. Don't limit yourself to these. Let them be a starting point with your imagination.


- Three people are looking for a hidden treasure. Along the way, they carry a fruitcake that never seems to disappear as they travel.

- When attempting to discover the lost city of Atlantis, a team of explorers finds secrets within a centuries old fruitcake.

- Three children who are following a treasure map enter a large fruitcake and have to find their way to the center where the treasure should be.


- Maybe I was in the kitchen and ran the garbage disposal. I didn't touch the fruitcake.

- A woman is murdered while finishing up a fruitcake. Who did it and why? Was the fruitcake that bad?

- Why was the only thing stolen in a break-in the fruitcake? And who did it? Was it the priest, the visiting aunt, or the sneaky neighbor?


- The main wizard's favorite food is fruitcake. Who in the kingdom can conjure up the best one for him?

- An elf on a mission loves to eat fruitcake. He carries it with him and tries to share it everyone. What he doesn’t know is that it might be the weapon he needs to be successful.

- When an old woman and her fruitcake fall through a portal into a new world, wizards find they cannot say no to her baking.


- Those that eat the fruitcake find themselves in horror dreams that never seem to end.

- Is it just fruitcake or is the fruit moving? What if the fruitcake turns into creatures that won’t let anything stand in their way?

- When a woman seeking revenge makes a cake for a former friend, she unleashes a horror from the depths of hell that even she will regret doing.


- Children learn by what they see I thought as I lifted the fork of grannies dreadful fruitcake to my lips and smiled.

- What lessons can a child learn from making a fruitcake with Grandma? Each ingredient has a lesson of its own.

- What if the fruit in the cake could talk and help a child through the first Christmas without his father?


- Grandma set the fruitcake in the middle of the table. At dinnertime, it had disappeared.

- Why are all the fruitcakes disappearing around town?

- A secret message is discovered within a fruitcake. Who put it there and why is it directing people to go on a scavenger hunt?

Do you like fruitcake?

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- Garlic wards off vampires? Nope! It's fruitcake.

- A fruitcake is the only weakness of this one werewolf. He can’t resist it even if it brings him within the domain of those not his kind.

- Every time a fruitcake enters this house, a ghost wails and cries out. What is it about a fruitcake that has the ghost in such a tizzy?


- Through the attempts of hiding the gifted fruitcake, a woman finds the love of her life that she has longed for.

- During a fruitcake raffle, one man finds himself stuck selling the tickets and vying for one woman’s heart.

- In the search for the best tasting fruitcake, a man will discover love under a chef’s hat.

Science Fiction

- "The clock struck midnight. I heard a plate rattle in the kitchen. To my horror I watched my husband eat the last of the fruitcake and turn into.....

- A preserved fruitcake is found a thousand years in the future. What do they make of it?

- What if fruitcake is the only food that can survive on a trip into another galaxy?


- Father James blessed the meal and silently asked for a special blessing on the fruitcake.

- Through the desire to get rid of a fruitcake, a small community finds their faith and love for each other again.


- Aunt Myrtle makes the worst fruitcake anyone has tasted. This year I was stuck taking home the last piece. Aunt Myrtle is at the front door.

- The same fruitcake is given year after year at a family gathering. What they don't realize is the treasure hidden within.


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    • profile image

      Marie Flint 3 months ago

      Interesting writing prompts; however, if I write about fruitcake, it will be about my mother's, a memoir. Such an article probably won't be long enough, though, and because Mom is gone, I won't have any original pictures. Alas!

      P.S. Thank you for the follow.