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Full Moon Over Bunganut Releases Armageddon Trailer

Updated on September 29, 2010

Which Trailer Do You Like Best? Vote Below!

Full Moon Over Bunganut, publisher of Antiquity Calais: Standing at Armageddon, has created a series of video trailers to give readers a visual image of the new science fiction/fantasy novel by Jim Henry.

Published using Print on Demand publisher CreateSpace, a division of, Henry got the idea to produce the trailers after visiting the CreateSpace community forums, where authors discuss myriad issues, including marketing techniques. One such technique that intrigued Henry was the idea of creating a video trailer.

"I had seen trailers for movies before," Henry said, "but it had never occurred to me to do the same thing for my novel."

From there, Henry began searching for appropriate visual elements, which he found at NASA's website.

"All the photographs there are part of the public domain, except that NASA asks appropriate credit be given," Henry said.

Before settling on a trailer Henry liked the best, after getting feedback from other CreateSpace authors, including long-time friend Author J.D. Plourde, II, author of Talet 'Ka, Henry created several versions of the trailer.

"Since this was the first time I had created a trailer, and was getting to know the Microsoft Movie Maker software, it took a few tries. I liked them all, but each had strengths and weaknesses," Henry explained.

Henry decided to keep all four versions online at YouTube, and now is conducting a non-scientific poll to see which version viewers like best. You can vote for the videos on this page.

"I was never into video production in college," Henry said, focusing on radio and print journalism. "But I had a lot of fun creating these videos."

Antiquity Calais Standing at Armageddon Trailer

Armageddon Trailer Number Two

Armageddon Trailer Number Three

Armageddon Trailer Number Four

Vote for Your Favorite Trailer Here!

Which Trailer Do You Like Best?

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    • crashcromwell profile image

      crashcromwell 7 years ago from Florida

      Thank you Triosol. I hope you cast your vote in our poll!

      Jim, aka Crash

    • triosol profile image

      triosol 7 years ago

      very neet. I like the way you present your hub.