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Fun Firsts!

Updated on March 1, 2008

Americas first Piza Parlor opened in NYC in 1895.

The first beer can was introduced in 1935.

The first stereo record was sold in 1958.

The first heart transplant took place in 1967.

The first Rolling Stone magazine cover featured John Lennon.

The first cross country phone call was in 1915 from NYC to San Francisco.

The first human sense to go with age is smell.

The first Stewardesses on planes were in 1930.

The first sound recording was "Mary had a little Lamb" in 1877.

The flu was first described in 412 B.C.

The first "talkie" movie was called "The Lights of New York."

The first use for M&M's were for soldiers in 1940 so that their hands wouldn't get sticky.

The First Sperm Banks were opened in 1964.

The first known whore house opened in 550 B.C.

The first paved street in America was in 1647 in NYC.

The first pay phone was in 1889.

The first condom was invented in the early 1500's.

The first known contraceptive was in 2000 B.C.

The first chain store, A&P, opened in 1842.

The first Gold record award went to Glenn Miller for "Chattanooga Choo-choo."

Bug's Bunny first appeared in 1935.

The first person to butter bread, Copernicus 1493.

The first baseball team with numbers on their jerseys- NY Yankees 1929.

The first state to allow women to vote was Wyoming.

The first hearing aid was too large to be actually worn.

The first home TV screen was only 3X4 inches.

The first advertisment for Body odor was in 1919.

The first annimated TV commercial was in 1949 for Ford.

Of the first Barbie's, one was a brunette.

The First President to wear long pants-Thomas Jefferson.

The White House's first telephone was actually installed by Alexander Graham Bell.

The first electric toothbrush was actually developed for dogs.

The first rodeo was held in 1847.

The first President to ride in a car- Teddy Roosevelt.

The screwdriver was first used for Knights to put on armor.

The first American Billonaire, Henry Ford.

First Million selling record album in America, Oklahoma soundtrack 1958.

The first words recorded on film, "You ain't heard nothing yet folks!"

First President to have a hole-in-one in golf was Dwight D. Eisenhower.

The first person to put "Frankenstein" on film was Thomas Edison.

The first motor-hotel or Motel opened in 1925 in California.

The first hot meals served on an airplane were in 1935.

The first federal income tax was in 1914 at 1%.

The first vehicle to use inflatable tires was in 1846.

First state with 2 female senators at the same time was California.

The first electronic computer was in 1889.

The first person killed in a plane crash was Orville Wright in 1908.

The first toy advertised on TV was Mr. Potatohead.


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