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Funny And Ridiculous Things About These Three Sports

Updated on November 14, 2015

Funny and ridiculous things about these three sports

It is generally believed that sport is all about entertainments. Yea, I also believe so, but the belief I have is on the silly aspect of it that looks ridiculously funny to me. So many times I wonder if I am the one who is actually silly, because of the way I reason, or people are not just bothered about it; or what people want is just the entertaining aspect of it. Maybe you don’t get what I am saying; let me illustrate what I am saying with these common sports;


You would agree that everybody loves football; of course, I love football too, but it look silly to me as a game. Now, look at the question I always ask: why would 22 grown up men run after a small spherical object on the pitch. Okay, maybe we should just assume those ones are not in their right mind; what about tens of thousands of people who trip in to the stadium to watch this 22 grown up men messing around with a small spherical object; it’s like theirs is even worse.

And the funniest aspect of it is the larger number of people (say in millions) who sit in their respective homes or at their respective locations watching this... (You can fill in the space).


Ho! One of my favourite sports is athletics. In fact, I was a good athlete, thought I was not fortunate to make it to the level of becoming famous (don’t think this is why I am writing about it). Back to the main point: the funny thing about all athletes (including me) is that we keep run while nothing is chasing us.

I was watching the highlights of the recent Olympic game when I saw one of the athletes (the slow motion) running with all the breath she could gather in this life and her face frowned. Then I ask myself, what is actually chasing her that she had to run even with her last breath.

Seriously Even if athletics is your life, it should not have been as serious as this; this is serious.

The only time you should run like this is when you are running for your life, or running to save life; anything other than that, trekking will do.


I joined a rugby team while I was in the junior high school (my best friend was in the team too), but I could not last longer that a training. Seriously, rugby is my worst game. Just like football, you get to see strong and able- bodied- men dragging one oval-shape object, with all their might. The most ridiculous thing about it is that you always get injured, and that is what fans actually want to watch.

The picture above is a very good example of “I will never let you go, unless you bless me”. And to the guy holding the ball, it is either I go or we go together.

This picture can easily be named trouble. After this game, the life of the guy holding the ball will not remain the same.

Can someone tell me the difference between this and the royal rumble? This is just best fit the ring.

This is nothing less than a do or dies affair.

Oh my goodness! if you want to play rugby, you need to think twice.

Is this part of the game? Thank my goodness I did not get to the point of ‘no return’ before I retraced my path.

However, the truth about these sports is that they are entertaining to both the performer (which I refer to as the actors) and the fans (the audience).


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