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Funny Bacon Items!

Updated on February 10, 2015

Do you love the smell of bacon? Do you want bacon everywhere? Check out some of these items!

We, Indians, don't eat bacon a lot but what we do know is that they are enjoyed quite a bit almost everywhere else! I was pleasantly surprised when I came across some of these bacon items online.

Right from soaps to toothpicks, there's an item for every bacon lover! Check out some of these items I found online!

Bacon Soap

Bacon soap smells just like that -- bacon! So if you want to wake up to the yummylicious smell of bacon in your bathroom, this is the bar of soap for you!

You will end up smelling like bacon -- but what the hell -- your dogs and fellow fried bacon lovers will simply adore you!

Beef Bandages

Beef bandages can heal your wounds and you can stare at your favorite T-Bone while they are at it! Must have for bacon lovers. These seem to be very popular and are available in other shapes and sizes.

Comes with a free toy too -- what more can you ask for?

Bacon Flavored Mints

Bacon flavored mints are yummy. You might think that mint flavour might not go with bacon, but the customers seem to think otherwise.

I would definitely go for this -- after having some bacon of course! Suitable for people who never seem to get enough of bacon. Just pop in a few bacon flavoured mints now and then and your craving will be satisfied!

Bacon Scented Car Air Freshner

You can hang this bacon shaped bacon scented air freshner in your car -- there's a string attached to help you out with that! The best gift for a bacon loving friend or relative with a car, doncha think? I would frankly find it weird to see a piece of make-believe bacon hanging in a car, but it is best for all those who love to be on the crazy side of things!

Bacon Wallet

Would make for a great gag gift or better still gives out the desired impact - just take them out and see the surprised looks you get from your friends or family.

Made out of faux leather, you can tuck away your debit, credit cards and money in this neat little bacon wallet.

A perfect gift for bacon lovers!

Bacon Lip Balm

Finally a lip balm that tastes just like bacon and even smells like it. Be warned though, not to eat off your lips because this is not made out of real bacon.

In case you have a female friend who is crazy about all things bacon, then this is the gift you should give her. She wouldn't be able to stop licking her lips throughout the day.

The meaty bacon lip balm also serves its purpose - keeps your lips moisturized and supple.

Bacon Adhesive Bandages

Time to heal those wounds fast with bacon bandages. This way you get to ogle and drool at your favorite food item while the bandage does its work.

The pieces are cut to look like real bacon and there are about 15 of them in each pack.

Take a break from those same ol' boring bandages and opt for these fun, bacon bandages instead next time you find yourself hurt.


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