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Funny Questions Asked On Formspring

Updated on August 21, 2011

Q: How do you wear your hair on a regular basis?
A: Bald

Q: Do you ever go outside and realize you don't have pants on?
A:Oh saw that? awkwarddd

Q: What would you do if you had been born a male elephant instead of a human?
A: If i were a male elephant i think a significant portion of my time would be spent trying to jerk myself off with my trunk.

Q: Are you the one who asks me funny, pervy, anonymous questions on formspring? For example, "i want to swim with you or go for a naked dip in the hot tub" I know we are in a dispassionate romance, but was curious.
A: no. but are you offering? but no. I'm not pervy like that. however the questions are quite humorous. i liked the one about the giraffe and the lion or whatever.

Q: Why doesn't McDonald's sell hotdogs?
A: Would you wanna buy a MacWeiner?


Q: Are you afraid of washing machines?
A: No but I know you are, ;) want me to wash your clothes for you.You´re begining to smell like a hobo.

Q: I´m a girl i just wanna know ur bra size
A: Im a girl too, I wanna know your brain size(:

Q: What´s the farhest you´ve gone with a guy?
A: I went to canada with one once.(really? how far do you think)

Q: You look like a tortilla chip.
A: I´m trying to decide if this is an insult or not, either way, thanks.

Q: ur so gay and u dont even like boys
A: that makes sense

Q: Are you straight
A: Well my back posture is a little off, but for the most part yes.

Q: If I took you to a fancy candy store, bought a ring pop, and got down on one knee, what would you do?(psh, you don´t know me!)
A: Haha i would say "what flavour?" :D

Funniest Questions and replies

Q: How do u want to DIE?
A: When I die, I want to go peacefully like my Grandfather did, in his sleep,
not screaming, like the passengers in his car.

Q:You are an ugly twat:)all the boyfriends u had are ugly too. ugly ugly ugly ugly hahahahaha. and your such a snobby suckup.the only reason you have a ton of clothes is because your parents are rich. so yea, and stop trying to be so cool, because in reality your friends talk behind your back and think your a bitch haha. how does it feel that you have no real friends?
A: I have no real friends? You´re saying that my friends don´t exist? Looks like somebody hit their head on the floor as you were slipping out your mum´s 10-inch wide, loose vagina. And I don´t give a shit if my boyfriends were ugly. Oh crap, my feelings are hurt, let me take out a $100 bill and wipe my tears, because I´m so damn sad.

Q:If your right leg was thanksgiving and your left leg was christmas, could i meet you between the holidays?
A:Haaaa :L was you the same person about the bones?

Q: Do u watch p*rn?
A: No I don´t watch it, I make it.

Q: Does your noses EVER bother you?
A: i only have one nose...

Q:Have you ever woke up feeling like P.Diddy?
A:P.Diddy wakes up in the morning feeling like me.

Q: I can make your bedrock
A: so can i its not that hard.

Q: Would you rather have a belly button that dispenses tomato sauce, or a nose that seconds as a pencil sharpener
A: Seems like the pencil sharpener would be more useful.. This girl who sits in front of me in my geology class must have a butt that dispenses tomato juice, but I think her´s is broken or defective. It was leaking today.

Q: I would die for u
A: Prove it.

Q: If you´re sleeping, and you have a dream (but it actually happened and every detail was exact.) Is it still considered a dream or would it be a memory?
A:How the F*ck should I know. This ain´t inception! Go spin a dradle or some sh*t.

Q:Your a fake nigga
A: I know kid! I hate everything about white people and I´m so ashamed to be one, so I paint my face black everyday and walk with swag. Sometimes I even spit on white people while passing by.That´s how much I hate them.I´m a fake nigger, I know, but that´s the title I´ll receive for pretending to be black, then so be it. Once you go black, you never go you´re gonna have to deal with it.

Q: Are you a cat or dog person?
A: I don´t really understand why people care so much about this.They both taste the same to me..

Q: I want to BE you
A: K. But only on the weekdays. BTW I have a test in Anthropology.You´ll have to got meet this super hot chick for lunch (if you take the ´stang, be sure to top off the tank). Oh and don´t forget to feed my goldfish.

Q:We should get married but I´m going to need my own space. Think I can make the den mine?
A: if you afford us a home with a "den", sure, babe, it´s yours.but don´t think for a second i´m not going to throw down some cash to spring for my @drawing room". yeah, no sh*t, i don´t draw. and you´re not a f*cking bear. doesn´t mean we both don´t need our own spaces to get drunk and watch p*rn.

Q: What is your bra size?
A: Whatever I can get my hands on.


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