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Funny Thing About Forever

Updated on March 30, 2015

There is a funny thing about forever,
I planed to spend it with you.
This forever has now faded,
Realizing that I have lost you.

All that I have lived for,
All that I have planned for,
Will now have to be changed into something completely new.

There were many words that could have been said.
Stress and emotion got in the way –
Feelings of doubt clung to us worst than dread.
A plethora of positive out-comes fill your head –
Only after the hurtful words were expressed.
Nothing went right,
It all just ended wrong.
In the end I was forced to realize –
You were gone.

All that you showed me,
All that you told me,
Has faded away –
Suddenly forgotten with no time to say,
Words of apology, sorrow, or for you just stay.

That funny thing about forever,
I cannot plan to spend it with you.
How can I plan on forever?
If I cannot count on you?

© 2015 Jeb Stuart Bensing


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