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Updated on January 30, 2013


Life revolves round some factors or parameters, that implies that for you to live you life to the fullest potential you have to adhere to certain unbreakable principles. Otherwise, you would sound like the man who yelled out of frustration "my life makes no sense". This five "F"s if adopted would definitely change your life just as much as it has change mine. These five things you can not live without are.....

Your family is one of the factors you must consider if you you want to live a balanced life. You must ensure you invest time and efforts to make your family happy. Your family consist of your Father, Mother, Siblings and relatives. Your family are the first set of people you ever grew up with. They showered you with prayers, and tender loving care. Successful people whom have being interview never fail to appreciate the role their family played in their lives.

Imagine with me for a moment , that you grew up never knowing whom your parents were. Imagine that your were told that your parents once existed, but died in an automobile accident while you were still tender, then you will learn to always appreciate your family more than you do today. This is a fact about life "You don't really value what you have until you lose it" To live a more rewarding and fulfilling life you must learn to always put 100% concern, love , respect and care for your family. I personally struggled with this trend, but I later learnt the value of my family in my course of life. I changed. I started paying more attention to my family needs knowing well that I would not have been who I am today without their assistance.

You must not forget how long you stayed in your mother's womb. How your mother bared all the pains because of you. You must not forget how you mother cared and nurtured you till this day. Whenever I remember the pains my mother had gone through because of me, I feel like giving her every thing she needs without her struggling to get it. You must learn to appreciate how your father provided for your tuition fees when you are young. How he held your fragile hands dragging you to school even though you felt reluctant. And you must always learn to appreciate them greatly for not allowing you take your own decisions when you are younger. Because those decision would have ended you in a mess.

Learn to always fix all thought and mind on your family. Give then your best by praying for them. Pray for the longevity of your parents and that God will always provide for them. Remember, don't toil with the good name your family fought to protect. Without them only God knew where you would have been!

There are bad ships, there are good ships, but the best of them all is friendship-Unknown

Your friends are yet another another factor you must never joke with. Life would have been uninteresting if we have no friends. Friends are too precious too lose says a wise man. Always recall the victories, pains, defeats and intimacy you share with your friends. Always place premium in making and building long lasting and good relationships with your friends. If you have a brawl you had better go and resolve it as quick as you can. You should learn to deal with your friend, bearing the future in mind. That will help you in making decision or taking actions. You are in control of your action today, but you are not in control of the consequences tomorrow.

Many people have climbed effortlessly to the ladder of success as a result of their strong relationship with their friends. You should learn to do the same if you want to head for somewhere in life. Learn to respect one another, never tread on people's shoes. Always keep your friendship in a constant repair. By so doing you are going to succeed faster in life. If you think you have challenges with dealing and making new friends, just as I had once been. I will strongly urge you to read "How to make friend and influence people" by Dale Carnegie and "The power of Influence" by John C. Maxwell.

Money is a tool which you can use to unlock great success. Research had confirm it that lack of money have killed lots of ideas which would have amount to something big if they had been materialize. To live a more fulfilling life you must get a good orientation of money. You must learn what money is, how to get it, spend it and manage it. Remember that money per say is neutral. The problem is that many people have used it as a means to propagate evil desires. Praise George, an expert in money and relationship issues said "Money is neutral, it only takes the habits of its possessor"

Learn to get what financial gurus called " Financial Intelligence", learn to read books that gives you a good orientation of what money is. It is imperative that you understand money so you can accomplish more with it. So you can use it to propagate your vision here on earth. Everything you would ever purchase is just in exchange of money, .It is unfortunate that we are not taught money making and entrepreneur skills in schools and colleges, but there are many free seminars you can attend elsewhere to learn about money. So learn as much as you can about how you can earn more money, how you can invest them and use them wisely. By doing so you will live a fulfilling life. Read The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason

What does forbearance mean? To forbear means having the quality or ability of being patient and sympathetic toward people, especially when they have done something wrong. Firstly, I know you have cogent reasons why you can't forgive that person. I know how you feel when you get hurt. I understand how crazy it looks when people break your core values, I understand what it taste to spoil one's name, the list goes on. But do you have to flare up like a blazing fire? Do you have to shout you head out. Why give you self stress and burden in your heart, just learn to forgive.
Life is as simple as that. Learn to control your self when you are hurt. In same same vein also learn to value others. Learn to always show care, love and concern to the lowly. No matter how "big" you appear to be. Learn to stoop low and help a hand in need up. I love the life of Mother Theresa, she gave her life to selfless service, another persons problems becomes her problem. She was just happy helping people. I believe strongly that our world would be better of than this if we learn how to care for one another. Where there is love, peace prevails. Bill Gates and her better half-Melina finds delight in always giving back to the poor. Make Zuckerberg, co-founder of Face book Inc is another selfless person I cherish so much. In one his interviews I read on line lately he said “People wait until late in their career to give back. But why wait when there is so much to be done? With a generation of younger folks who have thrived on the success of their companies, there is a big opportunity for many of us to give back earlier in our lifetime and see the impact of our philanthropic efforts,”
If I may ask you, how have you shown love and care to the needy? Do you really still know that there are sick people out there? Can't you see that man just a stone's throw from where you live, who had been struggling with life? How can you help? Most times, I deliberately go to funerals to glean from life. To make me sober and remember that there is more to life than just fun and enjoyment. Please learn to forbear, that makes you a success in life. People may forget you like a puff of wind that passes by , the value that you add to their lives will linger in their hearts forever.

Thirdly, you must learn how to forbear,endure, perseveres in the misdst of your problems, challenges besetting you. Life is convulsed with upheavals, and storms. They tend to draw us back when we tend to go forward. It now seems as if nothing is really working out. Who said so, you just keep forbearing the pains, just like martin Luther forbear the mistreatment of the blacks in United states, keep pushing just like Thomas Edison did, keep fighting until you win!

Can a clay forget its maker-Cyprian Udebuike
Lastly,this is the most significant part of it all. A for-teller a person who knows or says what will happen in the future. Without mincing words, God is your for teller. He created you for a specific purpose. He created your to stand out and not to blend in. He perfectly designed a blueprint for your life. Why should you forget him, you maker. You will never amount to anything if you take God out of you life. It is a fact. God created you as an extension of his love. Whenever God loves at you, he just smiles because you were is product of his idea.

"He knew the date and day when you were to be born, where you would live through your lifetime and the number of days you would live. Your life is predestined in Him. He know just everything about you" says Rick Warren in his book The purpose driven life. Many people had wandered through life with a hope of finding their true self, neglecting who created them. I think that is a very funny to thing to do. A product can not tell itself the reason why he was made, rather the only person in the best place to do that is the manufacture. If you want to enjoy true success never forget your maker



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