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GOD'S Blessings Found Everywhere

Updated on May 12, 2011

GOD'S Blessing Found Everywhere (Poem for the Spirit)

There is a Blessing in Every Moment

All Things that seem wrong

The Greatness will Take the Place of what does not Belong

Fix Your Eyes to the Blessings

See the Good that Begins to Shine

While Also Squinting At the Gleam Of Light

That At First Makes Us Seem like We Are Blind

Although it may be Hidden

Those Truths Are Momentarily Forbidden

Eventuallly All Will Be Put in Its Rightful Place

Stories Unfinished

All Things Work Out In The End

So Continue Your Journey

Drowning in The Greatness

That GOD Grants Us

That is the Glory We Seek

Do not Grow weary

Stay Diligent and Meek

Rest Assured that the Days Surpassed

GOD's Glory Revealed

The Greatness That We Would Always Seek, Fulfilled

It Shall Be Found

Lifting Us Higher

Higher Above this Earthly Ground

Live, Keep The Faith and All Things Are Restored

Where They So Rightfully Deserve to Be

Living This Life through Dreams, With A Peace of Mind

And The Joy That We Are Free

© 2011 Latasha N. Woods


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    • Latasha Woods profile image

      Latasha Woods 6 years ago from USA- United States of Aspiration

      Thank you Eiddwen!!

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

      Beautiful words and thank you for sharing.

      Take care