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POETRY REVIEWS-Alan Patrick Traynor

Updated on February 20, 2014

GPAGE - Short Book Review

Alan Patrick Traynor is a poet with a voice you never forget. "Seven Days Of Ashes" is like flashing back in time and being a spirit floating amongst the dead. The poems "The Last Scarecrow" and "One Bird Flew" bring on so many emotions that the reader can not escape the stamp of sorrow. Seven Days Of Ashes is written beautifully. There is soul and emotion floating throughout his poetry.

Alan Patrick Traynor is a brilliant poet with a voice that embodies the spirit of truth.

About The Author.....

Alan Patrick Traynor is a Poet from Dublin Ireland. He is the author of SEVEN DAYS OF ASHES, a poetry book written on the spirit of the Holocaust and published by Saint Julian Press.

It has been said that his poetry is the mystical galvanic paint that sets the fields of Provence on fire. Traynor’s poetry shocks the eyes and soul at once, his poems are deep veridicous spears in a rachis sky of black feathers that will unlatch and unhinge you.

Alan Patrick Traynor has been featured in Literary Journals worldwide, and is greatly respected amongst his peers.

"Edit not my soul” and "Edit not blood" are two of his own phrases that describe him best.

GPAGE Author Interview

Question : What or who inspired you to write this book?

Answer: The book was initially inspired by Felix Nussbaum who was a magnificent victim and artist of the Holocaust, his artistic defiance and rappel spirit reignited my passion to beat the poetic drum again. First I wrote a jazz tune for him, and then a poem called: MARTYR IN THE ATTIC. That poem is the first poem I wrote about the Holocaust and definitely inspired my book: SEVEN DAYS OF ASHES. Such a man like Felix Nussbaum should be honoured completely for his courage and defiant artistic spirit during a time of a failed artist (Hitler) and a black rainbow hissing sky.

Question: Was there any particular life event or situation that may have lead to writing about this subject?

Answer: I grew up in a single family home in Tallaght, a notorious town in the crowded heart of Dublin. I saw and lived firsthand what the state can do to contort, conform, and bake the peribolos of working class people into their shell and egg crates. I grew up around violence and alcohol that taught me at a young age what boils in human nature, and eventually what boils—escapes. I have also had a few mystical experiences throughout my life; they too have inspired my cracked open spirit to latch onto the copper red wires of the Ether. In a way, this book was a calling!

Question: Do you plan on writing anything else like this in the future or plan on continuing this work?

Answer: Regarding the Holocaust, I downloaded death and hope from the Ether for years and had dreams that told me I would never be the same. I can’t imagine another Holocaust book; there is only so much electricity a man can take into his spirit before electrocution. Those poems and poikilothermic images are completely part of me now, and seven pieces of my soul that will swim into the black and white written forever. All that matters now is that the book was written, I will continue to write about what boils up from past my soul’s entrance and hopefully be it the work of this poet to burn his hands and get his soul dirty removing the cowardly lids and seals of oppression, so that what is silenced, may breathe.

Other Reviews of Seven Days Of Ashes

Alan Patrick Traynor brings readers into the home, the heartbeat of war and its resulting trauma. Traynor shows us that while horror plagues those that have been victimized, so does an impending peace. He reminds us that it's possible to live again, to name thyself survivor.

- Loren Kleinman

A beautiful and haunting journey into the dark and horrific realms of the Holocaust, Seven Days of Ashes is a fantastic collection of poetry on the subject penned by the phenomenal poet Alan Patrick Traynor.

- November Raine

Alan Patrick Traynor has created a deeply moving group of poems that leave one shaken and touched greatly. The horrors of the Holocaust return full force even for those who were born far later, and even those who are not Jewish. This slim volume of poetry belongs in the library of anyone who is Jewish, or is a student of history, or anyone who believes in equality for all. Alan's book will have a proud place on the shelves of the Vilnius Jewish Public Library in Lithuania.

- G. Wyman Brent

The "Soul Painter" Alan Patrick Traynor

Irish poet, Alan Patrick Traynor, leads us into the spirit world of Holocaust collective memory in his book Seven Days Of Ashes. His hauntingly beautiful soul-painted words defy conventional structure or gravity. Go there if you dare. The spirits are with us, and they will be heard.

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