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Updated on May 30, 2009

Project Description

I attended a grant writing workshop offered by the city. I was one of the lucky 22 participants as there are more in the waiting list.This workshop might be helpful aspiring to publish my work.

To apply for funding, the project must be there, who would benefit with the project and why it needs funding.

The discussion of project description was given the longest time for discussion brushing ideas what the local, provincial or federal likes to see and examine to approve funding of the project.We were divided into sub-groups to rearrange, reword the thought of a paragraph of a given project. This was helpful. Then in two sentences , a practice test required to describe the project. I missed that part where the fund is going so this is one thing I have to put in mind once I apply.

The project where I got a Millennium Grant was more complicated than a Writing Grant but I find it harder to get some funding maybe due to myriad of applicants. The bottleneck lies not the project alone but it involves more people in the professional field like who could be the publisher willing to collaborate with me without showing the money first speaking from my past experiences. The manuscript was accepted but no publishing contract signed. This time if the funding is there the publisher might agree that his share come from the funds needed in the grant application..Talking of funding, time to look for sponsors. If the grant will be approve the originating grant entity will match the money that is already there.

For my writing I have to push myself to write everyday to sharpen my skill to be ready for the end of this year applying for the grant. What is needed most, now that a window of opportunity came up who knows . My goals should be clearly stated. Who will benefit with my project? How long will it take? In the meeting room today. I mentioned about "Children's Day". The first thing to do is copyright my individual poem and publish my children's book.Whatever day the City Council will designate copies of my poem and my book will be distributed to school libraries and schoolrooms around the area as a donation. All at the same day one-hour is given for all the children in the grade school to read the poem and read the book to honor them.

Children can read this book for pleasure and for beginning readers, it will open their eyes to the wonders of the reading world.

In my point of view, there are areas that I would like to get more information. In the planning stage or filling up the application, the facilitator or one of the participants mentioned that works written after 10 years may not be considered but I can reword my works or even change the titles. There was no more time that even royalties or any remuneration entitled to the writer was never touch hardly expanded the business plan,it's content ,we didn't know. Still a guessing game for me although knowing grants are available we'll try and see.


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