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Reflections: (When I was a kid)

Updated on July 17, 2013

Social Time At Church


Looking Back

When I was a kid, we had church dinner on the ground and people visited there. It was a social time. No one complained about the heat or the flies. I’ll be the first to admit I like an air conditioned room, but I miss the days when a couple of saw horses and a piece of plywood with a white sheet over it served us well. We sacrificed indoor plumbing to attend and we washed each other’s feet with humble spirits. We interacted with each other, not watch a video "together".

The Family Bible


The Shrine

I remember when the big old family Bible was the center of the coffee table and that was the extent of keeping up with the "Jones" family. The Bible seems to be replaced now with a pizza box, a remote control and the furniture is arranged around the TV like a shrine to behold or a sacred altar. Entertainment is THE god of the world now. I’m not sure if the world needs a dose of it to get their fix, but the viewers aren’t getting rich watching TV and idle time is a sin.

When I was kid, we weren’t allowed to turn the TV channel. In part, it was so the knob didn’t get stripped, but mostly it was because the parents cared what we watched. Now the majority of households puts the TVs in the children’s bedrooms and the parents HOPE for peace and quiet

Little Country Church House


Perfect Attendance

I remember when it was a pleasure to get a pin and recognition for perfect Sunday School attendance and children were a welcome addition to any congregation. Now, in a recent church I attended, children are to be seen and not heard, unless you enter the nursery.

The Love Of Singing



The people who couldn’t sing a lick, but you preferred their songs because they exuded joy from the heart. Nowadays, if you aren’t polished up, you can’t "perform". Church isn’t about performance Christians. It’s about praising God and worshiping Him. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to hear those folks one more time on earth.

A lot of churches pass out programs now. If you aren’t scheduled, you can’t participate. Am I the only one that thinks this quenches the leadership of the Holy Spirit? I realize that we have to jot things down to keep it straight as we age, or if the church is just active enough to need one, but I prefer the songs inspired by the Holy Spirit over the rehearsed ones.


More On Music.....

Let’s talk about TYPE of music for a minute..... my Bible says music is for the sole purpose of praising God. It isn’t for drawing in a crowd. Some say it is used to win the lost, but today’s most popular music is absent of the word "Christ" anyway, so if you aren’t singing about Jesus who are they leading the lost to?

I recently learned that at rock music concerts, there was a fad taking place of positioning an egg on the stage so it would "cook" and later be ready to eat. It’s the same thing that makes a glass shatter to high pitch. Something to do with the molecules. Is that why my body feels sick and nervous when I hear that type of music? Never mind the lyrics. It’s a proven scientific fact that music effects you either negatively or positively. When I was kid, we were taught that God puts a new song in your heart which translates "We will like HIS music."


A pastor friend of mine with 8 children recently took his children to a "Christian" skate night, but said he didn’t stay. When asked why not, he stated that he couldn’t tell it was a Christian event. He didn’t recognize the music and didn’t approve of the worldly attire the "Christians" had on.

This same man refused to pass beer down the bleachers when asked to at a Cardinal’s ball game.

I’m all for church growth. I’m just a little disturbed by Christians who invite the worldly ways into the church. Paul says to "carry on the traditions" of the church and "be apart from the world".................In my opinion, there are two sides: Either the side of the world or God’s side. The cross is in the middle. The only way out of the world is through the cross.


When I was a kid, I remember parents took their children to church. My mother was a nurse and worked shift-work, but she somehow managed to take us to church. In modern days, children are sent to church.

I remember too that our church served the community. "Served" is the key word. We didn’t look to BE served but to assist others in need. The welfare program has assumed that responsibility and the church acts like it is none of their business who needs food and clothing. I admire and respect those who have food pantries and clothing closets. When I was a kid, I was taught that you can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.

When I was a kid, there was such a thing as a Candy Striper. These were teens who volunteered in nursing homes and hospitals passing out magazines and visiting with the elderly and poor in health. This not only served the community, but kept teens from having too much idle time and taught them how beautiful it is to serve others. Now days, a lot of teens don’t want to do chores at home and if they do, they want paid for it.


When I was a kid, I was taught to think on whatsoever is pure and lovely, whatsoever is truthful.

Now, we see on the news every day how some teen acted out a movie or a video game. When I was a kid, I was taught, what goes IN must come OUT. The Bible says, "As a man thinketh, so is he." The Ten Commandents were posted everywhere and we were taught "Thou shalt not kill" was an important one.

The Bible also says without a vision a man will perish. This is not easy because if we expect nothing, we aren’t disappointed, are we? Oh to turn back to the ways of the one true God.

I remember times when I thought my mom was too old-fashioned, now I embrace that title for myself. Velcro shoes are cool if they’re comfortable, a few gray strands are okay, a skirt to my ankles is appropriate and I don’t do fads.

"What planet did you fall from?" the teens ask.

"The moral one" I answer.

Was faith an important part of your upbringing?

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Do you think society has improved or gotten worse since you were a child?

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