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How to Unlock your Car with your Phone.

Updated on November 6, 2016

Funny Mobile Phone Manual

At the Local Government yesterday, I sat beside a young lady who was switching between her phone and the booklet she was reading. Humm, sending a love poem to a lover, I thought. So I stretched my very short neck over her shoulder to get a glimpse of what seem to be occupying her attention while we were all sweating like christmas cows around her.

The first thing that caught my eyes was the heading. I said to myself

" wow this can't be, this is pure magic"

and hurried to read on. You must be wondering how juicy the heading was.

Well , it went thus " How to unlock your car with your phone "

The introduction to the steps to take was amusing enough for me to continue to read over her shoulder while praying she does not look back.

Introduction - "if you locked your key inside a car, to get your car to open is not magic and using your phone to open the car is very simple so far you follow the following procedures"

fair enough, what are the procedure? This is where the comedy begins
1. Pick your phone and dial the number of someone in your house. (I'm like okay this is getting a little interesting)

2. Describe where the spare key is in the house and describe where you are to the person (okay this is totally dumb but let's see what more they have to say)

3. Stand by the steering and let the person press unlock.

4. You'll hear a click sound and the door is unlocked.

Pathetic attempt right? Made me feel dumb and here is someone beside me trying out the next topic "How to use dictionary on your Phone" which was even worse don't let us even go there.


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