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Gaining The Inspiration And Confidence To Write More

Updated on December 26, 2013

Here are some few tools you will need to improve your writing skills and ultimately become more productive in the profession of article writing. In this article, I have provided guidelines in the on how one discover the hidden treasures of the mind and consequently churn out more ideas than you ever thought was in you.

Interviewing people on the article can help you to write more

As we have discussed in the previous paragraphs, you will be able to write more if you can imagine yourself speaking directly to your reader. Interviewing your people to know their ideas on the topic helps you to also gather more ideas and even remind you of what you already know. The Interviewee, to some extent, helps to reflect your thoughts back to you-making you realize or remember what you know concerning the topic. Sometimes the words they will use in describing their ideas about the topic of discussion can prime your thoughts to discover more ideas.

It also helps in the writing process as you can imagine yourself speaking to the interviewees directly as if speaking to your reader. This makes writing easy, interesting and helps to write more.

You can also write faster as you do not have to confuse yourself with ideas as to what exactly the potential reader may expect from you.

When you interview people to know their ideas on a particular topic, it easily helps you to make an accurate analysis of the reading levels and knowledge background of your potential readers. Knowing this helps to write in the exact tone and taste of your target reader which. Knowing the mind of the reader and what they expect from you and how they expect it gives you the needed confidence to write more.

Interviews also help one to overcome the writer’s block brought about by the boredom in working with old drafts. As they help the writer with more ideas, they tend to re-inspire you with more and new supplementary ideas to make old drafts interesting.

Choose a perfect time to write and place & Embrace solitude.

Writing more-embracingsolitude. You would be able to churnout more ideas the more you are able to embracesolitude.You can really connect to your true self. You will have the appropriate atmosphere and enough time to debate with your several selves to come up with more philosophical truths.You would also be able to learn more as you gain enough time to read or study- equipping yourself with the appropriate knowledge tools needed to write more.

When you are under less influence of the society, it enables freethinking.You are able to contemplate and churn out more ideas.

Choose topics and titles that you are interested in and love to write about.

What topic you will inspire you to write more words?You will be able to write more if you choose topics and titles that are your favorite. It is difficult to be successful in selling to others what you do not value. You can always convince your clients more when you are interested in your own product. They can feel that in your selling tone and connect to you. They would also want to experience the joy the particular product you are trying to share with them brings. Readers can also sense the joy interest that an author has in relation with his topic. It is easy to sound convincing to your readers when you love what you write about. You will always be able to infect your readers with the joy you have in the topic or transfer happy feelings to them when you choose to write on topics and articles that you are interesting in writing knowing much about.

Compile or Capture your Inspired thoughts in words.

Make a writer’s block impossible by capturing your ideasas they occur to you in note or audio recording.You will end up with lots of spontaneous ideas and philosophies to support your already written ideas or to start new articles. The ideas that pops into your mind on the go is only a side of yourself.You can also see your draft ideas as your thoughts in your writing language or format. It is signals your improvement in your fluency- and that alone inspires more words.

So many ideas run through our minds every day- both when we are conscious and subconscious.If these ideas come or occur to us in the same language format that we write or express our thoughts to others in, you sure can come up with more written ideas than you never even thought were in you.

In fact, sometimes you only realize that this goldmine of ideas have always been an instinctive part of you. They are feelings inside you that have not been expressed in words yet. Writing only allows you to put words to these thoughts and feelings. Writing gives you the physical representation of your own mind- your own thoughts and ideas. These ideas may occur to you in bits but if you can compile them, you will notice how much words and ideas you can come up with in a day. If you can put appropriate words to your thoughts, you will notice how much thoughts run through the mind of the average person in a day. You can also arrange them or connect these idea bits to form new articles or you can simply add them to your already written ideas (whether published content or drafts) as supplementary ideas or to use as additional examples.

Capturing your ideas as they occur to you helps to avoid a writer’s block. Try to rehearse on building your fluency consistently, so that more of your thoughts and feelings could automatically convert to words for you to note them.

Keep the image of your reader or audience in your mind as you write.

Knowing your reading audience is helpful in writing more. Knowing them helps you to imagine them much closer to you. In your mind, you can speak directly to them as if they were just sitting right next to you. As it is easier to speak more when a person is closer to you, it becomes easier if for a writer to write if he or she can vividly imagine his or her audience.You can even make it easier by not imagining or seeing them as an audience but by just seeing yourself talking or speaking directly to one person or one of your target readers. You couldimagine one of your friends that you wish to such discussion with. You could also imagine the kind face of one of your interviewees on your topic or any person that you have had discussions with concerning your topic.Remember that, individuals and not a crowd are going to read your article. An individual that would imagine one person (the author) speaking directly to him or her (the reader). It is therefore also a lot easy to imagine yourself speaking to a single person and not an audience. This allows you to humanize or add a personal touch to your content.

Finding an Appropriate voice

If you find an appropriate voice and tone that suits your target audience, it becomes easier for you to think of exactly what to say and how to say it. Writing in your own voice helps you to focus your mind on the potential readers of your article and their reading levels. This makes you think and write fluently hence churning out more ideas.When you read over the bits of ideas that occur to you on the go, you will be able to select the voice of the self that you wish to use in any particular article. You will do well with a voice that you are much more comfortable with or that which allows you to write more.

Use the appropriate font and background.

Another way to gain the experience to write is to find the appropriate font that influences your thoughts. When I was young, I mostly preferred brown sheets of paper to very white ones. I could write more on brown plain sheets much more than very white sheets with lines drawn on them.Thisgives me a very good idea that the kind fonts and background you use can influence your thought pattern and productivity. It is just like your normal handwriting. You should select a favorite font when writing with a writing software like MS WORD. Your favorite font becomes like your handwriting. It helps to somehow personify your thoughts and ideas.In fact, every font has its own effect on the mind of the writer and the reader.

Generally, we can write more on paper then we can type out ideas. This goes on to say that when we writer, we are able to convert our thoughts to symbols that directly reflects the image on our mind our personality. We can see ourselves more in our ideas when we write down our thoughts using the traditional method- this is because it is a preferred handwriting or font that aids and primes our thinking ability. You can add a personal touch to your ideas and this gives you the confidence to skillfully and easily arrange them according to your thought pattern.

Checking your word count

The more you write, the more you are encouraged to write. Knowing how much you know about a particular topic gives you confidence in the topic and encourages you to write more. Write more by checking your word count from time to time. This will bring a feeling of contentment and joy that will prime your thoughts for more ideas and words to come. If you use the MS word software or a software that can check or help you to monitor your word count from time to time it will be good.

Write more to write more.

The more you write, the more you tend tospeak your ideas in writing rather than you even writethem. When your fluency is well improved, you get to tune or directly connect your vocabularies to the speech aspect of your brain. You get to combine your thinking rate to your writing rate. That you readily have the tools needed to communicate more in writing.

Sometimes one can speak more than they can write. Moreover, you can think more than you can write.When you practice well in writing, you get to connect your thinking and speaking rate to your writing skill you can directly convert your thoughts and speech into word symbols or into a written format that is decipherable or readable to another person.

Writing more and frequently helps you to build up the skills you need to convert your thoughts and feelings into written words.

Publish Consistently- Feeling that your ideas are useful to someone encourages you to write more.

Publishing or sharing your ideas brings a feeling of contentment and joy. You feel relieved to have contributed indirectly to the success of your readers by sharing your ideas with them. You feel good about yourself and you get to experience some sense of success. This encourages you to write more so that you can continue to share your ideas with others.

Do not keep holding on to your old drafts. Try to publish your ideas as they are developed. No idea is absolutely perfect, so continuing to hold on to them will only build up your stress energy and you encounter a writer’s block. As your writing skills and knowledge about the topic improves, you may only continue to see the inaccuracies in the contents. You can simply try to make another person read to check your errors for you so you can correct the needed areas before publishing. This method can help you to publish more quickly than trying to writer something perfect before you can publish. The perfect content will never come as your knowledge and prowess continues to improve as you continue to write; and you may lack the confidence to publish any of your contents. You would feel a sense of failure if you were unable to publish your contents. This would bring boredom into your writing process and you may eventually stop writing. Feeling that your ideas are useful to someone encourages you to write more.

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.

Record your ideas as you write them


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