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The Gales' Sweet Night Blooming Jasmine - poem

Updated on December 17, 2010



Night Blooming Jasmine only blooms at nights' darkest hour. Its’ hurting petals gracing the night with its’ saddest sent. The bluest of all blue lies on its petals expressing the secret it loathes to tell. Whispering, only when no one is aware to listen. My ears are the ones to which they speak, stories of pain and tears which no one ever see's. Night blooming Jasmine through its’ beauty it lies, closes its’ eyes, and waits until the darkness dies.


The Gale

Sing to me young Night'N'Gale, your sweet song of misery.Only in the night doth your song grace my ears.Every night I wait in enchanted awe for your stories of lost love and far away happiness.Eyes full of tears, and a mouth full of saddness, your song beautifully takes flight.A song only a broken heart could sing is sung most every night.Taking my heart and pulling at every inch.With every line, your lullaby sinks me deeper into an everlasting sleep.Sing to me O Night'N'Gale, sing until my soul becomes your very words of misery.


Their Sweet Song.....

As the Night N Gale sings and the Jasmine doth bloom, I lay in wonder and awe. Starring at a forgotten world strumming on its final words. Tears have flooded the land of pain and sorrow, and the sweet Gales’ song plays on. The bluest blue on the flower most longing for anything but this.....


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