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Game Of Thrones: 6 Deaths That Might Happen In Season 6

Updated on December 10, 2015

With Season 6 just 4 months away (well, it feels like a lifetime for the die-hard fans), I thought it would be good to recap what's happened in the past few seasons and predict what should be happening in seasons to come. Book and show spoilers be ahead.


Still here?


So what's in store for some of our favourite characters? What's Jon Snow's fate? Will Cersei rise to power once more? What's going to happen when Sam returns home with Gilly? Is Stannis the Mannis really dead? Did Theon and Sansa survive their fall? And what's going to happen to Daenerys?

Of course nobody but the people working on the show know what's really going to happen, but fans can always speculate... and speculate they have. Fan theories range from Jon Snow coming back as a wight to Daenerys actually making it to Westeros (yes, it's become such a drag that it's starting to feel like it will never happen).

The real question though, is who will make it until the end of Season 6? Who will rise and who will fall?

Here are 6 people that might not make it past Season 6...

6. Theon Greyjoy

When you started watching Game Of Thrones, I bet you didn't know that you would grow to feel something other than hate for Ned's former ward, and yet now we're all rooting for the sad sap.

He's had more than his fair share of torture at the hands of Ramsay Bolton and has paid his debts (alright perhaps not... he did burn 2 kids to death), but what was Theon's actual purpose to the show? Was his main purpose to get Sansa out of Ramsay Bolton's clutches? If it was, then his job is done - what else is there for Theon to achieve?

There are some fan theories that speculate that Theon might be Azor Ahai reborn, so if this is the case then he might just survive the fall that he and Sansa leapt from at the end of Season 5. If not... well, bye bye Reek.


5. Jorah Mormont

Lord Friendzone has become something of an internet sensation with single Game Of Thrones fans, so it would be with a heavy heart that we see him go... if we see him go. Honestly, how much more emotional love trauma can one man be put through?

That aside, Mormont's main job was to bring Tyrion to Daenerys and with him contracting Greyscale on his journey to make his "delivery", it's pretty much a given that he's going to die in Season 6.

Well if he does happen to make it until the end of the show (which is highly unlikely, in my opinion), it would only be to end up with Dany and maybe end up having a few Greyscale/Dragon babies with her.

Yea like I said, HIGHLY unlikely.


4. Petyr Baelish

The puppet-master that we all love to hate (or love to love, it all depends what kind of fan you are) might be an incredibly important character at the moment, but with all his scheming he could be meeting his fate a lot sooner than we're expecting.

Perhaps one of the Stark children will find out about him being behind Ned's murder and chop his head off, or perhaps Cersei will be the one to do the deed, but it's unlikely that Littlefinger will make it past Season 6.

For many fans it will be a great day if Sansa could somehow manage to track him down and cast her revenge. He did, after all, gift-wrap her for the biggest psychopath in Westeros.


3. Jaime Lannister

Ah Jaime. He's another character that George R.R. Martin turned good after crippling an innocent little Stark boy in the first season, but that's not enough to keep him alive, is it?

NO! This is Game Of Thrones, dammit!

In a perfect world Jaime would end up with Brienne of Tarth and claim the Iron Throne with his awesome brother Tyrion by his side as his Hand (no pun intended) and the world would be beautiful, but that's definitely not going to happen.

How he'd die is anyone's guess, but one of the most popular theories is that he will die at the hand of his lover and sister, Cersei Lannister when she finds out just how much he actually likes Lady Brienne...


2. Sansa Stark

Assuming Sansa and Theon do survive their jump, it's only a matter of time before Ramsay finds out about the betrayal of his beloved and his "slave". Do you think he'll let that go? I seriously doubt it.

Ramsay is likely to go on a murderous rampage and make sure that Sansa is right at the top of that murderous list of his. I can just imagine him torturing the poor girl to death... this is Game Of Thrones, after all.

If he does and things do play out that way it could give Jon Snow (assuming he comes back from the dead) perfect motivation for the heavily theorized "Battle Of The Bastards" episode that might happen in Season 6, where Jon and Ramsay battle it out for Winterfell. Only time will tell.


1. Ramsay Bolton

Oh, how the angels will sing! It will be a happy day in many a Game Of Thrones fan's home when Ramsay Bolton finally meets his match and dies a horrible and torturous death... hopefully at the hands of Jon Snow, Theon Greyjoy or Sansa Stark.

If the theory about the "Battle Of The Bastards" actually does come to pass, then Ramsay might just be killed in the battle, but it wouldn't really give fans a real sense of closure, would it?

No, we want Ramsay to suffer like he made Sansa and Theon suffer. We want him to pay for his crimes in the worst way possible, and knowing George R.R. Martin, he's not going to let us down.

Who do you think will die in the next season of Game Of Thrones? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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