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Game of...

Updated on February 5, 2013

My life is like a game of Tetris

The blocks keep falling but I have to stack them

Unexpectedly they change form and size

With a steady flow my blocks continue to rise

These blocks are like my problems, dropping one by one

I have to place them carefully so I'm not overcome

Overcome by the weight of them all

Finally I get a break and watch a few stacks fall

But they don't stop; they continue to drop

Red ones, blue and purple ones. I can't let them reach the top.

Stay in control and think rationally

Try to think ahead and put them where they need to be

This one is big so I'll place it over there

It can sit there for a while until I decide what to do with the rest.

For a while I've got it under control;

Drop one here; put one there

I'm actually doing well with these test.

Then to my surprise I slip up and one is turned the wrong way...

Uh oh! Here come my feelings of dismay.


Just try to stay calm and keep playing the game

I know I can make it through this, so I won't give up

I'll keep on stacking and stacking; my shoulders are tough

I always seem to find a way to fill in all the holes

That way some of the burden is gone and no one ever knows

No one ever knows the panic subdued inside.

I do so well with the problems that I hide

Although these blocks aren't hidden in my mind

Some day they will disappear for good; when I see the game over sign


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