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Game of Thrones T-Shirts

Updated on July 14, 2013

For Every Fan Of The Epic HBO Show There Is A Killer T-Shirt

If there's one thing guaranteed to bring joy to any geek's heart, it's a t-shirt showcasing a favorite pop-culture property. Whether it's a piece of authorized merchandise bearing official logos and graphics, or one of those rather less official spoofs and mashups that fans and entrepreneurs love to create, we just can't seem to get enough.

Based on the A Song of Ice and Fire series of fantasy novels, Game of Thrones has gripped audiences everywhere, winning over even diehard fantasy-haters. As well as making a splash in popular culture, Game of Thrones seems to have fired up the t-shirt designers' imaginations like few things before it, with literally hundreds of different designs jostling for closet space.

If you like your nerd couture to come with the official seal of the copyright holder's approval, you've got plenty of choices. The designers staffing HBO's merchandizing division have outdone themselves, creating a range of shirts that will appeal to fans with all kinds of different tastes. From simple prints of the House sigils to full-color photographic portraits of all your favourite characters, there's truly something for everyone.

The Iron Throne T-shirt

One of the many iconic images from Game of Thrones is the Iron Throne itself: welded from the swords of fallen warriors, bristling with menace, it's a powerful symbol of the brutal strife that infuses the series. Naturally, you can get it on a nice comfy t-shirt. One of the best versions has a desaturated image of the empty throne on a classic black tee. This is set off with the show's title in red-gold — you know, just in case people think you're into that other show with the big chair made of swords.

The Game of Thrones Fist Crown

If the Iron Throne isn't tough enough for you, you can pile on the drama with an arresting image featuring the much-contested crown. A photographic design that's heavy on the red and orange, this shirt shows the crown of the Iron Throne clasped in an upraised fist, with the Game of Thrones title above it. Suitably grim and atmospheric — and if you go for the skinny T, just the thing to set off your curves.

Stark Dire Wolf T-shirt

Still not enough GoT grimness? Nothing says "Game of Thrones" like an execution reference. This elaborate shirt design features the Stark dire wolf coat of arms, complete with plenty of decorative salad, crossed by a vertical broadsword and accented with the slogan "The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword."

Game of Thrones House T-shirts

Want to show your allegiance to a particular House or faction? The t-shirt makers have you covered. There are several versions of the Stark dire wolf, alone or accompanied by the ominous "Winter is coming" motto; and almost as many featuring the Eddard "Hand of the King" pin design.

You can also flaunt the lion of the Lannisters, the Targaryen dragon, the Baratheon stag, or even the Greyjoy calamari — sorry, kraken. Be prepared to do a little explaining if you wear that last one out in public, as non-fans will wonder why you're wearing a squid (or possibly an illustration from a biology textbook; from a distance, there's something unfortunately reproductive about the general outline of the logo).

Game of Thrones T-shirts: Daenerys and Tyrion

If symbols are not your thing and you'd rather adorn yourself with your favorite characters, you're still spoilt for choice. Various publicity photos from the promotional material have been translated onto t-shirts in all kinds of styles and sizes. There's flaxen-haired Daenerys Targaryen and her exotic pets, Jon Snow in his Nights Watch uniform, Tyrion Lannister in his leathers and Ned Stark in urgent need of a clue.

Stark T-shirt

The principled but terminally unobservant Stark is also front and center in a classic composite design featuring key cast members — perfect if you just can't decide who you want to wear the most.

Tyrion Crowning T-shirt

Perhaps the best of the bunch, though, is an action shot depicting Tyrion's crowning moment: giving Joffrey a smack across the back of his head. The only way this could possibly be improved would be if it was animated. Until they work out how to put a GIF on a t-shirt, though, it just doesn't get any better than this.

Game of Thrones Fan T-shirts

Departing from the civilized realm of official licensing, we find ourselves in the wild and lawless hinterland of unauthorized cash-ins. If you're looking for something a little more irreverent and quirky, though, it's the only place to be. Inform those less hip than you that "I Joined the Night's Watch Before it was Cool.," or warn off rivals with your "I Paid the Iron Price for This Shirt" slogan (complete with a broadsword for the final T — nice touch).

More Fan Art T-shirts GoT

A favorite fan trope is re-imagining elements of a show as artisanal beer packaging. The Winterfall Winter Ale design is a great example — subtle and well-realized.

Another clever re-imagining is the Lannister lion as a sports mascot. Go Team Casterly Rock!

Those t-shirts with the sparkly "Princess" logo? So five minutes ago, so over. These days, nothing will do but a "Khaleesi" motif. Get the look and proclaim your regal status with Xtees' design, featuring a sleek font with a suitably draconic initial K — and the cutest baby dragon dotting the i.

Cool Fan T-shirts HBO GoT Show

Some references are so abstruse that only a serious GoT obsessive is likely to pick them up right away. If you live for the slowly dawning recognition on someone's face as they finally work out what's going on with your t-shirt, you'll love the "Stark Plowing" design. The vintage snowplow graphic doesn't ring any GoT bells... until you notice that the company slogan is "Winter is coming," and register the Stark dire wolf on the door.

Quotes and slogans from the show feature heavily, often spun and remixed with popular memes. A case in point is the "KEEP CALM WINTER IS COMING" mashup, which works quite well. (Whether you love or loathe the "Keep calm and carry on" craze, it was bound to turn up in the mix.)

HODOR T-shirt Game of Thrones

If quotes are your thing, you can also find other popular phrases like "The night is dark and full of terrors" employed in various ways. For the truly discerning Game of Thrones buff, however, there can really be only one choice for a t-shirt slogan. Succinct and universally apposite, this is one saying that will never be incorrectly attributed:

"HODOR" -Hodor

Says it all, really.

Huge Fans of Game of Thrones

At Gosupress we are huge fans of the HBO show, although we love the books of the Song of Ice and Fire as well! Bram is een writing full articles over at the Dutch site spel der tronen, the translation into his native language. We can't wait untill next season is released, yet the books do a good job of keeping us busy so far. It's a good thing it's summer, time well spent on these pageturners.


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    • profile image

      Peter muscat 3 years ago

      Hello have got for sale Game of thrones:all over Lannister t shirts and do you ship to Australia.Can you email me On as Quick as possible please thank you bye.

    • Georgie Lowery profile image

      GH Price 4 years ago from Texas

      These are all awesome!!

      I've been looking at different GoT shirts, my favorite one seems to be the one that has Tyrion on it and says "Impin ain't easy." I totally love this show!