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Dramatic and Inspirational Poetry by Ryan C. Beitler

Updated on October 13, 2018
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Chef 15+ yrs. Meat cutter. Trainer. I make my own soups fom scratch.

Cruel Intentions by Fate

I remember the first time we locked eyes,

butterflies mangled and did the 'Tango' inside.

For I never knew such beauty be alive

it cast a love spell infatuating at anytime,

a lingering beauty sewn into the crust of my mind.

She enter the room in slow motion

like a dove glide with such peaceful grace.

As she passed by I am embraced

with a taste of Love Potion Number Nine.

It sent a drastic decline in my defenses

as my heart began to tremble,

like a weak rattling fence in the wind.

" Excuse Miss my name is Ryan,"

Would love to get to know you, how about a date..?

She smiled an 'everlasting mile'

said 'ok' 7 O' clock tomorrow here don't be late!

Next day, I yawn, slowly awake...

I take in the newspaper and the plot begins to shape.

Seems 'death' forgot about our date,

How ridiculously rude and cruel of FATE!

~Ryan Christopher Beitler~



Cruel Intentions III

Inside my heart is a switch

when I flick it on it design rhymes,

any place I am at any given time.

Inside my soul is a candle

with an Aries wick always lit,

so any pen I handle Is toying with fire.

It react to paper with haste,

setting a mind into a mind boggling pace,

etching my name as one of the greats to shape.

Like Achilles' at the gate of Troy..

You can send out a Hector

,still, there is nothing you can do!

Until I am destroyed or gloom loom

my heart like a flower will only continue to rebloom.

To challenge me be a stupid move

God allowed me twice to defy so called doom.

My speed supersedes the speed of light

so as I write its like a strike of lightening; BOOM!

Cruel Intentions II

My Purpose is to design on blank lines,

twisting a readers tongue with poetic rhyme.

A rare breed gone extinct

so as you read I seriously wouldn't blink,

as the beauty pour out as ink and sink.

Colorful rhymes

that dry like wet concrete,

resting to be remembered everyday.

So Take heed to the words I say,

I am a cornerstone of Poetry today!

Choose a topic If you may..

without delay Ill configure a way!

As a predator I prey three time a day..

with an appetite of an everyday caged Lion.

So at any chance I may strike

like a slice of Achilles' sword.

Fate : by Cruel intentions of Death

The smell was absolutely distinct

his Brut aftershave just away from the sink.

His fingers smug my face like ink

oily car part residue so i didn't blink,

No running water to wash his hands in the sink..

,yet, priceless love not a soul could buy or think.

Sometimes I drift..

sinking into the deepest part of my mind,

to be in sync with those cherished past times.

Remembering and visualizing

the greatest grandfather alive.


One dark night

my father watch from the heavenly lights,

as his son be tossed in the sky with fright.

Soaring like an Eagle

dodging the Grim Reapers blade,

he caught me swooping in mid air,

laying me to the ground safely saving me.

When I came too..

I felt almost reborn; new.

Define word like dictionaries do..

If my mind recollects correct

God holds my fathers soul from a bike wreck.

The sacrafice...

Allowing his son to live and write

becoming one of the best at his craft.

If I had dramatically died

just as my princess was supposed to arrive,

surely this would not be the aftermath in time.


I know of this beautiful rose..

Her elegance is natural i suppose.

She is special like the Arizona sky..

For inside her magical eyes

you can visualize the sunset rise.

Her roots run ever so deep

helping her Grandson stand firm,

through all pain that drop me to a knee.

For without her great wizdom

defeat may have held my heart prison.

Never allowing my beautiful art

to make its incisions like a surgeon.

Precise with great results usually emerging.


If ones mind could pictorialize like mine

they too could design a masterpiece in time.

If ones heart be as passionate as mine

they too could float like a butterfly,

around any adversity and sting like a Bee.

Be known as one of the all time greats

forever leaving an indelible mark in history like Ali.

If ones Swagger

somewhere else in the world,

is maintained and conserved like a pearl.

They too would know destiny is greatness

regardless of age, race or any hatred.


How lonely be that rock...

Cluttered like people in the world

,yet, a shiny difference like a pearl,

observed just around my grandmothers' block.

T' was just about twelve o' clock...

Clocked it up the block with my shoe

for I knew a friend was something new..

Until I rocked it on a surprise vacation

long out of sight my brown eyes.

In Heaven

It will be there when I arrive.

The cornerstone to my defense..

I was up to no mischief that night!

© 2011 Ryan Christopher Beitler


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