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Gaurav Vashisht Poetry

Updated on July 1, 2016

You are still there

Watching your photo in opera saved pages
No matter its in how much stages
People might think I am wasting time
By writing unreasonable lines
But the real fact is that I also cannot stop
at this moment as this is my time to top
the things in which there is a hope
I know loving you is like hanging myself at rope
but still I am unable to stop myself
I have described myself
everything on the notes
But still she has different notes
of her own music
that is fantastic
In her own way
Which stay
on my mind
every time when I rewind
those memories
all the stories
start coming automatically into the mind
Which leaves everything behind
Its not like that I am thinking about her
during day time , the pleasure of her
just to a specific time
Which according to me is not a crime
Still the memories are there
still the memories are there
You are still there
right here

You are sleeping

You are sleeping very easily
But there is no sight of sleep in my eyes
Dreaming gradually
But what to do with my eyes
There are getting tired
Looking weird
All the feelings are just awesome
They want to come
one by one
like the Beautiful eyes
brightening in the sky
Nothing to loose
Nothing to choose
You are the only one of my choice
Which hides my voice
to say something to you
Its nothing
but there is still something
in the heart that is missing
at this time of sleeping
You do not who I am
But still I am

Its your eyes

Its not my mistake that I am at your side
Its your eyes that make to go to your side
Nothing cannot be wide
They are the biggest tide
That are in my life
I am just like an apple on the knife
Feelings just chasing me down
In my own
With the beautiful fragrance of creature
Its mistake of your glowing eyes
That are making me to say yes
I can at least bear that pain
In which there is nothing that I have to gain
Its after a long time that I am writing again
With a little pain
Inside that little heart
That bear that all hurt
Its your eyes that make me to write something
But there are lot of things
That I have to say
If you may
Give a chance
With a beautiful stance
Its my silence
That show my presence
Its that deep love with your eyes
That it shows into my eyes
I do not have to be nearer
To say clearer
That still at the moment
I am missing you

Why feelings are still there

why feelings are still there
that gloomy face is still there
on my mind
there is something in the wind
that makes something in still my heart
its still that close to heart
its the distance that does not matter
its not the words that does not matter
Its matter the dignity of love
that is the dignity of heart
I have never said to her
but still that respect to her
it still remain
what i gain
I need not to say
but it may
sometimes I miss that gloomy face
that semi circular hair
with the deep breathing in air
I do not know how to express
those feelings that are inside me
I know these feelings will never be in success
but still I have to say
those cute cheeks
with the flawless eyebrows
within the rows
That charming nose
like the red rose
that nose piercing
with a beautiful smiling
lips just make me out of the world
its not about sadness
its about happiness
I really misses you right at the moment
but nothing to do at the moment
Its my smile that remain
its not like that
that I will stop smiling

it happens
what you want yo cannot get

Can I miss you now

I am watching you from behind
There are lot of things on my mind
That should I say it to you
When the eyes meet with you
Everytime I feel good
I just don't know about your mood
But it is understood
While looking at you everything is good

Your looks in untied hairs
Are like the birds flying in the air
Touching the sky
I am just confused
Something refused
Inside me to say it
It might hurt
Either me or you

Something choked me
But Nothing stops me
To looking at you
Like I am looking you
Always secretly

Sometime some says
It's better to leave on time
I just don't know
But how
Can I miss you now


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