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Geek to Chic 10

Updated on October 7, 2013


Part 10:

Oh My God, I couldn’t wait for this new school year; my friends and I are finally juniors. We will walk into those doors, not like we own the place, but like we are not weak and frightened. I went to Mia’s house earlier and she told me that she loved New York, wanting to live there when she is older. “Maybe in Manhattan” she said. She told me she met Phoenix and Kings of Leon during her internship. She was not that excited about school on Monday, but she did say that she’s glad that this is our third year and next year we’ll be seniors. I was telling Mia about the sleepover with the guys and she told me it sounded like fun, “Did you guys have an orgy without me?” she joked. Gross, I said but Mia was telling me that the guys are going to look at me like that always. I shook my head, but I did agree with her that Josh and David would think like that. The guys would rather date the other girls at school if they became charming over the summer. Anyway, junior year needs to be fun, academically especially, because getting into a good college is not cheap. I got the grades, but financial aid can get competitive. I can’t stress about this right now, just think of fun, friends and grades (FFG).


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