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Geek to Chic 12

Updated on December 13, 2013


Homeroom ended and we were dismissed to go to our second class. Mia told me that she had to go the bathroom, so I went with her. We left to see Josh and David in the hallway talking to some girls trying to get some game. But it looked like they weren’t succeeding.I shook my head watching them but surprisingly I saw the two girls hand them ripped piece of paper. Nice I thought to myself but Mia rolled her eyes and said that those girls felt sorry for them. I pushed her lightly and we both laughed. We had to go the assembly for juniors after our second classes. The principal went on about that next year we will be seniors then off to college on our own to the real world so we should make this year count. Some students fell asleep and some were playing cards or on their phone. Josh and David were texting each other and Mia was talking to Sophie, one of our other close friends. I was actually listening to be informed. Someone tapped my shoulder and I turned to see the same guy that I saw in the hallway. “Are you actually paying attention?” he asked in a whisper. “Yeah, you aren’t?” I asked. “It’s kind of boring don’t you think?” he said while rolling his eyes. “It’s the first day of school, we need to be informed.” “But it’s the same stuff when we were freshman.” I nodded at his statement and looked back at the Principal. “Greg” he said with his hand out. “Morgan” I shook his hand smiling and he smiled back.


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