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Geek to Chic 13

Updated on January 2, 2014


The assembly ended with me still talking to Greg as I waited for Josh, David and Mia. Greg was very cute and nice. I think I’ve seen him before last year with the popular crowd but I’m not sure. We talked about the weird teachers at school like Mr. Pike and Mr. Alfredo while the juniors were still let out. I still didn’t see them yet, stretching my neck to make sure they didn’t leave without me; I stood my ground waiting for them. “Looking for someone more interesting?” Greg asked with a small smile. I scoffed and said no, “I’m actually looking for my friends, they’re there at the assembly and I thought they would meet up here so” I trailed off thinking where they were. “If you don’t see them, maybe I can escort you to your next class if you want” he asked. Since I didn’t see Josh, Mia or David I said sure and we left. I know we are supposed to be inseparable, but what’s one more friend? I told myself that it will be different this year. Greg said bye as he went to his class since it was four doors down from mine and I went inside and found a seat next to the window. It was Algebra with Ms. Day, she must be new. This is one of the classes that I didn’t see any of my friends so I might be riding solo in this class. I looked out the window ready for today’s lesson when someone sat next to me. I looked over to see that it was Seth Murdock, the Jock or should I say the Jerk. He has teased me since middle school about my braces and glasses. I shook my head and couldn’t believe he was in this class with me. well he can ignore me while I get an A. Ms. Day started talking about formulas when I felt someone tap my shoulder. “Is this your first day or something? Never seen you here before” Seth said with a smile. I could not believe this, he didn’t recognize me!


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