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Geek to Chic 2

Updated on July 12, 2013


Part 2:

Oh well like I always say. Mia has always been pretty with her long black hair and olive skin people liked her, especially Dave and Josh because of her beauty. Dave snuck a kiss once but got slapped. Josh almost saw her naked but got kicked in the stomach. Idiots.They didn’t lust after me like that, only when my boobs grew in. My outfits kind of turned them off but I didn’t mind, I always see them as friends. Dave had an athletic body and Josh was skinny but I still loved them. For the last few days have been leading up to summer vacation. Mia told me that she doing an internship in New York for Teen Vogue so I’m really gonna miss her. Josh and David came to my house and told me that they found a short movie contest online being sponsored by Kevin Smith. First prize is $2,000 and second prize is $900. “That sounds so cool. What is your movie going to be about?” I asked. David told me that it is about a boy all alone but finds a friend alone also. “That’s it?” I said shaking my head. “There’s more to it that we’re thinking about.” Said Josh then he asked if I wanted to help with their project. “For $2,000, it will be one of the best shorts” I said. I asked when do we start and David told me on Saturday at 3:30pm. Friday has come along and it was the last day of being sophomores. The jocks and cheerleaders have their rituals of parties, the emo kids hanging out with each other later at a graveyard. And the hipsters go to their favorite coffee place and don’t drink coffee. Me, David, Josh and Mia all go to Smoothie King for one last hang anticipating for the summer. “I can’t wait to go to New York next week. I might meet Morgan’s favorite band The Strokes.” I told her she better send pictures of how it will be. She told me she will. “So guys, I can’t do the movie with you” I told Dave and Josh. “But we already got the equipment, wardrobe and wrote you in the storyline. You were going to be the grandmother of Josh’s character.” Dave said trying to persuade me. “As great as that sounds, I can’t. My parents just told me this morning that we’re going to Germany for the summer.” Mia said that was great but Josh asked why now. “My dad said it was time for us to travel to an unfamiliar country to learn more or something like that.” Mia asked when we are leaving and I told her tomorrow. “But that’s when we start shooting, come on” said Josh. “I know, when I get home I have to start packing. He already purchased tickets to surprise my brothers and me.” Mia said that is awesome but put makeup on while you’re there because Germans look at your face. I laughed sarcastically but I don’t think that’s true.


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