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Geek to Chic 3

Updated on July 17, 2013


Three months have passed, summer was over and she couldn’t wait to come home. She called Dave and Josh to meet her at her house to help her with her bags. Germany was so much fun, eating sausage and sauerkraut actually wasn’t that bad. A guy name Victor gave her his number. She even saw a German play, it wasn’t ‘Spring Awakening’ but it was good. She couldn’t wait to see her friends and her bed. Dave and Josh were anticipating seeing Morgan. It was a week before school starts. Mia doesn’t come back until the day before school starts. Dave and Josh finished their film and submitted it to their website. However, they got third place and their prize was $150 and a box of Jolly Ranchers. They wanted to see if she changed or not, Josh even joked if she probably looked like those German girls with the overall shorts. “You mean lederhosen?” Dave corrected him. “Whatever,” Josh said. However they were kind of scared that maybe she’s a total bitch and ditch them forever. The car pulled and Morgan’s dad got out of the car first. While getting the bags, a girl came out of the car as well wearing a jeans jacket, boot cut jeans and straight hair. The boys didn’t know what to say but hung their mouths open. “Guys, Oh my God I missed you so much!” Morgan yelled while running to hug them. They hugged her back and couldn’t what they were seeing, she looked awesome. “Wow Mor, Germany was good to you this summer. You look… neat.” Dave shook his head and couldn’t believe what he just said. “Oh yeah, I went to the dentist and my eye doctor before I left. Got my braces off and contacts, I wanted to surprise you guys when I came back.” Morgan showed off her pearly whites and was just happy that she doesn’t have to wear her brace all the time. She told them about this store her mom and her found and they had the greatest clothes. “Morgan, are you wearing your retainer?” yelled out her dad. “Yeah, dad” Morgan pulled out her case and put on her retainer. “Yeah I have to wear this sometimes” she failed to mention to them. She asked them to help with the bags to the house. When they went inside, Morgan asked if they could help put the bags upstairs. She asked them how the film project was for them and if they talked to Mia. Josh told her they got third place and Mia called them two days ago. “Yeah, me too I still can’t believe she’s interning at Teen Vogue. She told me she got to help style Chloe Grace Moretz.” She was unpacking her clothes but found her bag of Cheetos and pudding and started to dip the Cheetos in the pudding. Dave made a disgusted face, thinking why she likes that. “I had to take this with me, I can’t stand airplane food. Sneaking this through customs was not easy.” This was her favorite food and she was starving. Josh and Dave were glad that she still eats that, but were still baffled at how she looks.

To be continued.....


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