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Geek to Chic 4

Updated on July 19, 2013


Germany is awesome. I love the language there. When I go to college, I’m so studying it. I asked Josh and Dave to help me open the suitcases while I finished my Cheetos and pudding. When I was done, I took out my clothes and hung them. I even got some presents for my friends. For Josh, I got him a German movie, because he loves foreign films. And for Dave I got him this old antique monocle, because of his obsession with Monopoly. “Wow thanks Morgan. Did you get anything for Mia?” asked Dave. I told him yeah, some European candy. I pulled out my DVDs I bought for myself from my suitcase: Coupling, Benny Hill, and Mr. Bean. I could watch it in German or ‘deutsch’ if I want to. The clothes my mom bought for me were so cute. These black flats and boots at the little boutique were a must have. Also this leather jacket that reminded me of what Alexz Johnson wore in an episode of ‘Instant Star’ looked so cute. “Why are you guys so quiet?” I asked. They were acting kind of weird. Usually they talk my ear off of what action movie is coming out, but it was just silence. “Oh, uhhh we don’t have anything to say. Besides our film, nothing really happened.” Josh said but he quickly remembered that a woman fell in smoothie machine when they were trying to fix it. “Oh my God, are you serious? Is she OK?” I wanted to laugh but if the person got hurt, it wouldn’t be funny. Josh said she was fine, but gets to have free smoothies whenever she wants so she won’t sue. Well that’s a bonus, I thought to myself. I was almost done with unpacking then it went silent again. I didn’t know what was going on with these two. Maybe it’s because I’ve been gone for a while, or they didn’t like my gifts. I can’t wait for Mia to come back and show my DVDs and great boots.


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