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Geek to Chic 7

Updated on August 12, 2013


Josh and Dave arrived at the Morgan’s door. “Josh, it’s just a normal sleepover just like it was when we were younger.” Dave was trying to tell Josh but he wouldn’t listen. He was just picturing how Morgan’s pajamas would look. When Josh rang the doorbell, Morgan answered the door wearing her SpongeBob onesie, glasses and her headgear. “Hey guys come on in,” Morgan motioned them in, Josh had a disappointed look on his face and looked at Dave. Dave just shrugged and sat on the couch. “My parents said that my two brothers have to be with us. Sorry.” Dave didn’t mind but Josh was kind of frustrated. Dave asked where was Mia, Morgan told him that she had dinner with her family and might not make it. He asked her why she was wearing her retainer and glasses. “I took off my contacts so I don’t sleep with them and at night I wear my headgear.” She told him. He understood but was still disappointed. Dave asked her about her pajamas and why she still had it from eighth grade. “Um, because it’s comfortable and warm for me when it gets cold at night” she told him. She told them that there are brownies in the kitchen if they wanted any and they had to watch kiddie movies for her brothers so they can sleep. While watching the SpongeBob movie, Josh muttered to Dave that this sucks; Dave elbowed him and told him to shut up. While watching ‘The Avengers’ Josh asked if he could get a brownie and Morgan told him that it’s in the kitchen. Josh heard Morgan’s brother ask Dave if they were going to make out. Josh wanted to run out of the kitchen and say if they could, but he ran out and said who asked that. “Just my brother, no Mark we’re not.” Mark then told Morgan about what happens when a guy and a girl like each other. Morgan stopped him and told her brothers it was time for bed. When Morgan took her brothers upstairs, Josh whispered to Dave that maybe they would make out or we might see her boobs again. “Are you this excited about this? You’re stupid,” Dave said but Josh told him that he is lying to himself like he doesn’t want to kiss her as well. Dave sighed and said “I do, but you’re forcing it like it’s really going to happen. She’s our friend; of course she wouldn’t do that with us.” Morgan came back downstairs and apologized to her friends about her brothers. She asked them if they wanted to watch the Quentin Tarentino movies or still watch ‘The Avengers’. Josh suggested that he wouldn’t mind making out. Dave nodded but Morgan was in disbelief. She said sarcastically sure and that she needs to take off her clothes. Josh was ready but he realized that she was joking. “Tease,” they both said together and they started watching ‘Pulp Fiction’. During the diner scene almost to the end, Dave fell asleep but Josh and Morgan were still awake. “We should turn this off and go to bed,” suggested Morgan. “But the movie is almost over,” Josh begged to finish the movie, but Morgan said it was almost 2am that her parents will be home soon and they have to be in bed. Josh agreed and she turned off the TV. She woke up Dave to set up their sleeping bags and get ready for bed. Before they went to sleep, Josh asked if she was ready for school next week. She told him “Yeah, aren’t you?” she asked him. He said hell yeah but feels it will be just like last year. “No it won’t” said Morgan. “It will be different this time. We’re more confident and mature. This is junior year, our second to last year when we are seniors. It’ll be awesome.” Josh liked the fact that she was positive about everything. he couldn’t wait to start this year with his friends.


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